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[Somewhere nearby, assuming you are in the amusement park, a crash. Suspicious noise to hear in a mysterious magical temporary park, perhaps? But a quick look around just shows an imploded concessions stand.

In the center of it, lying on and partially covered with rubble, shifting very quickly from a bewildered expression to a bored, vaguely annoyed one, is a man.]

...That felt like a landing. I wonder if I was in the air? Nothing seems to be coming back to me...

Hey. You. I have a very important question: did I have to pay for a ticket to be here? I don't seem to have one.

[Let's just play the real things we're wondering about close to the chest.]

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As I have no coin of which to speak, I would suspect not. ...Or perhaps we shall both shortly be selling 'John's Funtastic Corn Dogs' for a new living.

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The fun in eating dog, let alone coating one in corn, escapes me.

...Would my assistance be desired?

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[Lawfer considers this for a moment.]

Proper labeling of food is not a priority in this country, it seems. Cotton candy is neither cotton, nor candy, though I would recommend it.

I am Lawfer, of the... the, ah. ...Simply Lawfer.

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Well, I just walked in the front without one, so... you know what, let's assume yes.

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Sounds like a plan, Fly Guy. Oh, and the name's Catherine. Might work better than just pointing at me.

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So do you recognize this place, or has everyone been smacked over the head with something?

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I don't think so. They didn't ask me for a ticket or money when I walked in. [shrug] Maybe this is their way of welcoming us here...?

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Naturally. I've had nothing but questions since I woke up here, anyway.

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I'd tell you but--ghrk!--you're gonna have to get off of me first!


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[With a small groan, Danny pushes himself off the ground and stretches out his back.]

But as for your question, I don't think we have to have tickets. At least, I don't have one, and I haven't had any problems.

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Hey. You might want to worry about other things first. Like if any of your bones are broken or not.

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Oh yeah? How can you know that?

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[Something comes flying off the nearby Tilt-A-Whirl and lands dead center on his chest.]

Good afternoon~

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Mokona is a Mokona!

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