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Someone said the memories we're getting back aren't really ours, right? Because... I just remembered a lot of very strange things. Getting turned into a pig... getting arrested... and I think my mom acted badly at a big party? And somehow, I was a boy.

...This is really confusing.
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Someone arrested a pig?
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But you can't be sure. Someone might have put a walking bacon dispenser in jail.
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Yeah, you know. Captain Sausage. Sir Ham. The Porcine Avenger.
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Do they not have pork on whatever godforsaken planet you live on?
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That sounds... peculiar. Turned into a pig?
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That's no good. Even youkai would not wish the complete annihilation of humanity.
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I can understand the human fear of the supernatural; it is only logical after all when considering the nature of youkai as predators. To despise one's own, however... Sometimes I feel only humans are capable of that sort of self-loathing.
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So it's just other people's memories, huh.. [ Don't mind Ilya here, she just looks a little pouty. ]

It's so rude of them to mix up memories like that! I thought the memory I got was mine for sure..!
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Yes, I finally got my first memory in this place and then it turned out to be someone else's! Do you think someone is doing this to us?
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It must be someone rude, someone who's very rude..! I can't even think of a person who'd be that rude here!
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.. The memories themselves did..? [ She actually at least seems to consider this, curiously staring at the camera. ]

Can memories do that?
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'Maybe' is not good enough of an answer for that!

[ she huffs, even if she has no idea either. ]

We need to find someone who knows more about this kind of thing..!
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We should find the person who's been around here the longest! If anyone should know about this kind of thing, it would be them, right?