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Hey, uh, I've been remembering some stuff lately like everyone else - an organization called Providence, who gave me a home and a job. I guess...I was alone at the time, aside from them. I don't know why. I ran away for a little while once, and the world was so different from what I remember! It was all so empty - and there were all these monsters, except they weren't really monsters. Something that started with an E. Um, right, EVOs! That was it.

And it was all because of these things - nanites - inside me, inside everything. They did things to people, changing them. I remember a girl with four arms who kidnapped me, and a man who made everyone fall asleep when the nanites turned him into...well, sort of something else. But I could control them somehow, and I guess that was really important. I met an entire town of people who were trying to do the same thing, except it didn't work out in the end.

[She pauses for a moment.]

People have said...people have been getting other people's memories lately, right? So does anybody remember anything like what I'm talking about?

[Rosalia certainly hopes so. While she doesn't hate the world she remembers, a life spent trying to fight monsters to cure them isn't one she wants for herself at all.]
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[It takes Rex a little while to respond, because while he doesn't explicitly remember some of the things she's talking about, it still feels bizarre to hear someone distill his home and his world into a few sentences.

Not to mention the uncomfortable implications that arise regarding his own regained memories. He's been trying to deny left and right that they aren't his own, but this...makes it a lot harder to keep believing.]

Okay, yeah, definitely starting to think something's up here. Controlling nanites is my thing. Exclusively my thing.
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I don't remember it, exactly, but it sure sounds like it's me. And if everyone's right about what's going on...

Then I guess that means you've got my memories.
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The whole "working with Providence, leaving every once in a while, kicking EVO butt" thing? Yeah, I remember that. Don't remember anyone making people fall asleep, though.
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One guy? Who was it?

I don't remember any of that, but it definitely sounds like your standard Providence work. Or, well, my standard Providence work, most of the agents don't deal with half the things I do.
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White Knight? Has no nanites? Like, none at all?

No wonder he never leaves his office.
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Wait--seriously? White left his office and did something other than yell at people and be grumpy?

...Are you sure we're talking about the same White Knight? Big, pale guy with white hair and always dressed in a white suit? Really likes milk?
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Ooookay, that's definitely White Knight then.

Jeez. I didn't even think he could leave his office...
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...Um. Uh.

That...doesn't sound like the kind of place I'd want to be.
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That's true...but you don't sound like you belong in that kind of a world.