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[text] Yet another hit and run for the memory train...

okay, so i just remembered a whole bunch of stuff.
if they're actually my memories, then i think my family was really weird.
and also my hometown was haunted or something.
but that's not really important right now.
because i keep hearing people talking about getting back other peoples' memories.
but if that's a thing that can happen, then how do we know that ANY of the memories we've gotten back are legit?
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Your hometown was haunted? Mine too!

As for the memories though...I'm trying not to think about it. But if it helps, what I remember makes sense for the most part with what I know about myself now. Except for the last few things I remembered, anyway--those aren't mine.
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I don't know about full-on invasions, but definitely lots of attacks.

I, uh...I'd rather not say whose they are, but there are bits and pieces of his memories that make it pretty clear. He has superpowers and I don't, for one thing. That one kind of gave it away.
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Oh, I guess that would be pretty bad, yeah... It was confusing enough for me, and I already remembered a pretty big chunk of my memories!

But there anything you can figure out about yourself without your memories and use that? Like the superpower thing--I don't have any, so when I suddenly remembered I was flying around, I could pretty much tell right there something was wrong.

[Lying is so much easier through text.]
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Well...what about something else? Maybe you remember a different family than the one you thought you had before?
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Weird, huh? Like how?

((OOC: Oh man. Oh, man. This makes me so happy. So very happy. 8D))
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hahaha wow shiiiiiiit sorry for the late tag! I completely blanked out on this.

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Yours too, huh? I guess that makes sense, since our towns do have a lot of ghosts and all. Someone has to keep everyone safe!
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Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. What did yours do?
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That sure sounds familiar!
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Yeah. I'm actually a little glad they aren't here--I don't have to worry about dinner becoming sentient and trying to kill me.
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Well, yeah, but I think that goes for any kid, not just ghost hunter kids.

(It is pretty sweet, though.)
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We don't.

That is pretty much all there is to say on the matter.
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Occam's Razor.

Technically there's no way for us to really know if the memories we're getting are legitimate.

BUT, the memories we individually get are airtight, consistent, go hand in hand with any number of weird powers that would be out of place with anyone else, and there are literally hundreds of them because there are hundreds of us.

It's possible that they could all be fabricated. But it's much simpler and much more likely that they're all real.
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not sure.

I already checked, it's not a problem at the labs. we don't even have the mastery required to screw things up this hard.
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you didn't just imagine it.

i got hit with the damn thhing myself. i also saw it during the forced truth mess, and the slime. whenever it shows up, weird shit happens.

it's a consolation that usually all that weird shit is temporary. maybe this will revert somehow after a while.
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I know I don't, at least.
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during the truth thing it appeared over the whole city.
pretty hard to miss. thing has a damn skull on the front.
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[personal profile] has_a_blog 2012-06-03 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
magic fairies come by and give you a stamp of authenticity for each memory
youve been getting those right
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nothings messed with the shit we recall while ive been here
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consider me pranked then
haha good one you really got my goat
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pretty ordinary actually
i kicked some chick who was trying to hug me and then painted a mural