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[The video feed shows a very disgusted-looking Ky. Something is sitting very poorly with him.]

I know for certain that these memories can't be mine. I remember a facility, deep below the New Mexico desert...a scientific research facility. A gigantic one; odds are good that these memories contain only a fraction of what's within. And the procedures...ugh, I barely even want to talk about them.

Let me just say that scenes such as this make me glad that the United Nations in my world has banned the further pursuit of physical science. Practices such as this should be thoroughly condemned.
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How could the United Nations ban science? I didn't even know that was possib--

[Wait a minute.]

Did you say New Mexico?
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I remember the desert, and I know it was New Mexico but I have no idea why I was there...

Did you see a lot of corridors? Concrete. Reinforced. Well-shaped but starting to crumble. Artificial air constantly pumped through them.
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A research facility, UNDER the desert. Christ, why didn't I figure that out myself?

[That question is rhetorical. The next one is not.]

...You're Ky, right? Think I've seen you around. Name's Gordon, though you probably already know that if you have my memories. What else do you remember?
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A girl? [He looks at him again, baffled.] What the hell was a little girl doing there? Wait... she wasn't MINE, was she? I don't remember having a daughter at all.
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Eli Vance? Wait, Eli, Eli...

[He turns away, the background migrating in a thoughtful pacing circuit, and he looks back to the camera with a quizzical look.]

Darker man, gentle demeanor, 'bout my height? I think I remember someone like that along with... my god. Professor Kleiner! DOCTOR, Kleiner! He was my mentor back at MIT, brought me on board when he decided to leave the university! We were all three working together, on... something. Dammit, 'f I could only remember what it was, now...
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An anomalous materials lab! Of course! They always said I was a wizard at dee-dee-exing those things, and that'd be the first place I'd want to be in developing better solid-state quantum computing! Small, fast, light, with perfect data retention... the work we did there probably changed the whole world overnight!

[Well... technically he's right. It did. Just not in the way he's thinking. His personal victory seems to wilt when he remembers something Ky mentioned.]

What did you mean when you mentioned the procedures there?
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--what?! No, c'mon, there's no way I could have been part of--

[He stops himself, scrubs back his hair, lets out a sigh.]

I guess it IS possible that it was going on in other parts of the facility... hell if I remember any of the details right now. But I'll admit, it's pretty easy to conveniently not notice something like that going on. Especially when what you're doing is important.

What was the name of this place?
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Black Mesa...

[That name carries a lot of weight in his mind, but the baggage is all still mostly unmarked. Ponderous weights that gave no hint as to their contents. Damn this lack of memory.]

Yeah, that sounds familiar.
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Yeah, you couldn't help it. None of us can. It's actually pretty ironic; from what you've mentioned, the non-disclosure agreement I had to sign was probably the size of a freakin' phonebook... and in the end it wasn't even me that remembered it to say anything.

Not that I think that really matters here. [He snorts a laugh.] Now that you know my deep dark secrets, answer me this; How did you guys manage without any kind of science whatsoever?
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[...you know, all things considered that's the most analytical description of "magic" he's heard yet. You have his attention, Ky.]

Mind if I ask where you found this energy source?
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"Source code." Sounds like a form of special unitary group analysis, with some Ginzburg-Landau thrown in somewhere...

Don't get me wrong, I don't pretend to know what the hell they actually did. However, I'd be the first to admit that anything's possible.

Can... YOU use some of this magic? Personally?
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[Ky seems to have dealt with guys like Gordon before. His eyebrows climb.]

There are five main branches?
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So fire, water, earth I suppose, wind or lightning, ki. Huh. That's convenient... Do you have to have a particular device or go through a procedure in order to use it?
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[He hadn't, recently, but he dimly remembers Ky shouting while training in the park at one point or another... spoken invocations imply psychological keywords, an actual mental cue to skew the outcome of something by changing your viewpoint? His mental wheels quietly spin a bit longer before he speaks again.]

If you don't mind, this is something I want to look further into. Now don't get worried, I know you probably don't like the idea of a scientist poking at it but I'm just CURIOUS; I want to see how well it actually reconciles with what I know. I probably couldn't even use the stuff if I tried...
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If it doesn't exist, then something like it might. Who knows.

Incidentally, I heard you have a training facility in town somewhere. That include a shooting range by any chance?
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[Well, that explains the sword he'd seen him using.]

Eh, It was worth a try anyway. Been trying to find a decent place to shoot for a few months now. You know, BESIDES out there in the ruins. A single jam out there can considerably shorten your lifespan, if you know what I mean.
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Wish I had the time. Between the full-time lab position and working for the League...
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Banning physical science irresponsible. Insane! Dooming hundreds to death by simple treatable diseases or starvation!
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And magic can't have harmful side effects? Problem is people, not methods.
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Exactly. Physical science not a danger, misuse is.
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They banned...physical science? I believe you when you say you remembered something bad, but doesn't that ban include things like medicine?
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All of it? Is that really possible?
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That's...amazing. You accomplished all that with magic?
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But then -

[She halts.]

...Sorry. I shouldn't be questioning your whole world like that. I guess it's just a big shock. If my world had any magic then I don't remember it, and both my dad and my brother were doctors, so it's really weird to hear something like this.
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I'm not sure what natural is sometimes, with all these people who can use magic or superpowers or whatever else. People come from such different places!