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*The memories had swapped back, leaving Hiroshi saddled with yet another nightmare scenario. This one made even less sense than the previous ones; he didn't even LOOK like himself. He'd swear it wasn't him at all if people weren't calling him by name, and if Takuro (damnit, Takuro, why do you keep dying) hadn't been there at all. But the monsters were there, and those little recurring details.

The bait-and-switch has left him feeling drained. He seems like he's not paying much attention to anything as a result, almost going through the motions of things more than anything else. He's beginning to wonder what sort of genocides he pulled off in a past life to deserve this sort of a situation.

Either way, even if he's trying not to act it, he is visibly depressed.*



No, forget it. I just...


Sorry. It's not important.

*He disconnects. What was THAT about?*
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[Video, private]

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Not important, my ass. [Spoken softly despite the wording.] What's going on, Hiroshi?
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I see the swap-back worked for you too. [He was afraid it was something like that. He sighs.]

You want to talk about it?
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[The "correct" answer would be an infinite number, in potentia. But there's no way in hell he'd say that right now.]

I wish I could do something to stop it, kid. But there's no way to stop or slow down the rate you get back memories. Best you can do is accelerate it with Anemoi.
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Don't go blaming yourself! If you'd done that, then you wouldn't be alive to remember ANYTHING, let alone everything. I'm sure you did the best you could do at the time--well, at any of the times. No one expects any more than that from you.

[Dammit, Hiroshi doesn't deserve this! That's it, there has to be a way to untangle the knot of causality he's tied up in!]
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I know, kid! But sometimes you just can't save everyone! You just... can't! [That was maybe a bit louder than he'd figured it'd be. He clears his throat awkwardly.]

You're going to have to move on... or else you'll be lost in those memories forever. You don't want that.
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Hey? Are...are you all right?
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Singled out? Not really. Why do you ask?
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Of course I'm worried! You don't seem okay.
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Is there anything I can do to help you, right now? It's really not a problem!
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Okay! Whatever you do, I hope you feel better.
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It doesn't sound convincing at all when you go through the trouble of making a video post and then say it's not important.

What happened?
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Re: [Video]

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Don't people keep saying that getting things off your chest is better than bottling it up? If there's something you need to talk about, just... talk about it. I'm pretty sure nobody's going to judge you for it.
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Re: [Video]

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Complicated how?
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Re: [Video]

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Why? Is it just something to do with all of your memories or something?
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Re: [Video]

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What do you mean, over and over again? Have you just been remembering the same thing?
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Re: [Video]

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[That gets a raised eyebrow, as well as just... general concern. He hadn't heard about anyone else getting their memories back like that.]

Alternate... universes? Weird.

What were the details?
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Hiroshi... are you all right?
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Re: [Private]

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[Rudolph is silent for several moments]

If you feel like it, I can lend an ear.