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Proper memories regained. Most relaxing. Unnerving remembering being different species. No offense, Kiske.

Relatedly: Am qualified in medicine and surgery for humans as well as turians! Likely other species! Had diploma! Sadly, lost in parallel dimension, but immaterial. Don't worry, don't need to be human to understand human physiology. Need to establish clinic, possibly part time work for Sirroco Labs. Feel too much like I'm wasting time. Have to keep busy.

ALSO, four doses medigel. Wasn't sure what it was before now. No way to restock supplies, technology in Sirocco too primitive, but can be used to quickly heal most injuries. Useful, if limited.
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Did you remember any space stories?
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You bet it is! I wanna hear space stories!
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Okay. Good. You'd better not.

You're a doctor, huh?
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Do you know any healing spells?
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But magic works better than medicine.
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Mokona had fun remembering being a human. Mokona was very tall.
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Mokona is Mokona!
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Both are Mokona~!
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Other species? Like...what other species?
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Well...yeah. I meant other species.
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[wow what the hell was that]

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To be honest...I'm not sure what I was expecting either.
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[So THAT's where all Hiroshi M.D.'s memories really belonged. He was wondering about that.]

Hah, now THAT's some good news! We can always use a smart guy like you down in bio. Medical ward, too; some of the new arrivals come in pretty banged-up, believe me.
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I guess it IS pretty antiquated compared to what you're used to. I barely recognize some of the stuff, myself...

[He scowls briefly, scrubbing back his hair, then seems to shrug it off.]

Shouldn't be too hard. 'S amazing what you can cobble together from things lying around, too. I'm not the GREATEST at building stuff but I've managed a laser cooling array out of a toaster and a magnetic repulsion field out of old TV's. They don't even let me near the microwave anymore. [He smirks.] Can't imagine why.
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You'd be surprised how many Teslas you can get out of a standard cathode ray tube with a few tweaks! I had to be careful not to wear anything with too much metal in it, or else it would've probably claimed it.
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Oh hell yeah, that's just what I could get my hands on at the time... [He stretches, thinking.]

...lab funds are limited; you're not going to be able to order an MRI just to tweak it no matter how groundbreaking the results, but maybe some chemical radioimaging or laser equipment here and there...

Come to think of it, M' still not sure what that Omni-tool of yours runs on for medical scanning purposes. And what's this about... medi-gel?
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Sounds useful; 's a shame there aren't enough doses to distribute. Supposedly my suit has an automatic med system built in, but if one of these other guys get hurt fighting out in the ruins or caves, they could really use something like that. There's no way to synthesize any more from what you've got?
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..."grow" it? What do you mean?
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[He reels for a moment. Egghead or not, the "ick" factor of having something that's basically Frankenstein's Microbe inside a wound is still there.]

Well, ughn... it's not the first time I'd heard of gene manipulation in medicine. Just not to that extent. And that's completely safe?
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At least your're honest about it...