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Oh, hey, he's back.


[Most people probably didn't even notice he'd gone missing--he doesn't socialise much, after all. At any rate there he is on the other side of your screens, looking a bit bedraggled and with a bag of ice tied to his head. He's rather annoyed, all told.]

So apparently I was knocked out by a basketball. Does anyone know how that could have happened?
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My goodness! Are you all right? I was quite worried!
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Why yes! Disappearing like that, after leaving such a message. From how Joachim put it, you sounded like you were quite distressed about things.
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*She tries to think of the best way to answer this.*

He did. But tell me: You possess this knowledge. What will you do with it?
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*She listens thoughtfully. Then smiles quietly, and nods.*

I believe... that is all I needed to hear for now. Many of us have blood on our hands. It is how you choose to accept that memory that is important.

I do not understand why you would do such a thing. But perhaps this place has given you a chance to redeem yourself for such an act. Embrace that, rather than the past.
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Hmm... Well, Joachim at least did not seem willing to judge. It may be something you have to work at every day for the rest of your life. But the fact you show remorse at this point would strike me as a sign there is something salvagable. If you had none, then I would have worried.

Either way, what has happened has happened. It seems you have been reborn like the phoenix. Maybe some will find it hard to forgive, but I think if you do good by others, even they will find it in their hearts to move on.
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[personal profile] third_alternative 2012-06-12 05:27 am (UTC)(link), you said?
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In the forest?

Wow. Didn't think they'd go that far.
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What? Psh, who said I was throwing them? That's just crazy talk.

I just saw them flying through the air all around town! I didn't think they'd get to the forest too.