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Well, it seems Ky was right.

There's no reason in keeping it secret now. I worked for about two years at a classified, government-contracted research facility in the middle of the New Mexico desert. Black Mesa. Seems it's no coincidence that I started conducting anemoi research here so quickly; that's almost exactly what I was up to over there too! Anomalous materials research! It's almost as though I walked right out of that lab, and into this one!

Now I'm starting to wonder... is that it? Is this really ALL I have to remember? 'Cuz it could be. Those monsters I recognize could've just been escaped experiments. Everything ties together. I even threw more Anemoi into the refraction-coding analyzer to make sure and all I get are a little things, minutia, friends, co-workers, locker combination, spectroscopy settings, how many times I fried the microwave in the break room, the history of the company, stupid stories about Aperture and the stunts they used to pull before they... well... nothing huge and important, anyway.

I guess I could live with this... It'd be a relief to not have anything else to remember.

[It doesn't look like a relief. In fact he seems to be staring into the far distance more than the camera. Something about this is still not sitting right with him, and it shows.]

[2% on life at Black Mesa, 1% on general lore and propaganda about Aperture Science, 1% on friends and colleagues.]
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...It looks to me as if you're not fully convinced of this yourself.
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Perhaps if you were to have an anemoi processed and gained nothing in return? You would have to wait a week to make sure, but I think that would be a way to find out for certain.
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I did. As I thought, Mordin possessed them. I need to set aside some time to think them over.
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She did, yes. One dark-colored wing and one light-colored wing. She also had a tail.
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I know exactly what she was. She's a type of being that seems to be unique to my world.
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How many times did you fry the microwave?
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You mean the rest were on purpose?
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Well, I suppose if it was in the name of justice...
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[Shen appears to be soldiering on through a headache.]

If I asked 'what sort of anomalous materials,' would the answer make my brain hurt?
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[He mulls this over]

I see. I think. How much of, er, space would they do that to? It sounds... unnerving.
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Er, punching through what? [Y'left that bit out, after all.]
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[Despite his lingering headache, Shen ponders that concept.]

I wonder if it's like breaking the surface of water....
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[Man, is he ever getting philosophical. Maybe the blow to the head did him some good...]

A fish probably doesn't think he'd ever know what the world on the other side of the water would look like, either. We're all like that fish, then, I suppose--knowing there's another world on the other side of a barrier but having no way to see it. All we see are things that come from it, like hooks. And feet. And oars....
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[He didn't survive three decades of being an exiled warlord by being stupid, that's for sure, whether he remembers it or not.]

Perhaps we only passed through it....
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[Oh, dear, Gordon's having Thoughts. When he has those, crazy science happens.]

What of them?
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[He looks right and then left and then back to the screen.]

Mum's the word. But do let me know if you find anything out. I may not understand much of it right now, but it's still oddly fascinating.

[Not to mention that there's something in the back of his mind that tells him that having information this important is a good thing....]
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Wait. You're saying you remember everything already? Are you serious?!

[fuuuuuck yooooouuuuuuuuu]
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Not really. I don't remember enough to make sense of anything, so I don't exactly get what "sufficient" is supposed to mean.