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[video/action] and now the joker will sound uncomfortably familiar to rex!


So...anyone else here from Hong Kong? Just remembered that I used to live there--before Providence. It's kinda hazy, and I mostly only remember it from when I was there on Providence business a few years later, but it's a pretty cool city. After all, I was there, so it has to be cool. Pretty great place for food and street EVOs too.

[And, y'know, EVO gangs and manipulative backstabbing kids, but that's neither here nor there.]

That means if anyone ever needs Chinese-Spanish translations, I'm your guy. Not sure why you'd be translating that, but hey--if you need it, I can do it!


[Rex will be scarce for the rest of the day. The next several days, even. He's holed himself up in his room and is writing down all that he can remember, while he still can. About Sirocco, about home, about all the people he can remember. He doesn't know what it'll be like when he blanks out again, and he has no idea when it'll happen...but this is as close as he can get to controlling this inevitable situation, and he wants to be prepared.

When he is outside, however, he's using his smartphone to snap pictures of seemingly random things. The basketball hoop (and the balls strewn around town), some bears, the entrance to the apartment building, some trees, the barren edges of town... There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the subjects of his photos, but he approaches the task with a relatively unusual amount of seriousness and intense focus.]

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Hong Kong, huh? What were you doing over there?
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[He smirks at the kid's smugness, but... Just "showed up?" There had to have been a reason an obviously American kid would wind up halfway around the world, and it probably wasn't because he thought learning chinese was fun.]

Sounds like you were some kind of tactical commando for them by the time you came here.
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So how often did Providence send you out on missions like that? You're obviously a hard hitter, but it makes me wonder if you were more of a first choice or a last resort.

[Though really, the only difference between the two is the amount of collateral damage involved.]
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How big was this organization, again? At first I got the impression that it was fifty, maybe a hundred people. You're talking like there's an employ of hundreds or more.
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[That's just about as many that works at Black Mesa, if you count security guards, lobbyests and support staff...]

Yeah, I see how it can get to be that way. Hey, it still pays to be in an am organization that big, at least in some ways. You get backing, funding for stuff, extra manpower if you need it...
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They didn't send you out ALONE, did they?
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Hmn, can't argue with that. By the way, you remember anything more about those nanites too? Who exactly built them, how you contracted it, how they work, anything like that?
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[He can only think of one reason why a kid would be screwing around an advanced science lab. The same reason there was a five-year-old girl occasionally bouncing around in Eli's...]

So the ones in the EVOS you were fighting... like that weird rabbit thing. Those have an incomplete batch of nanites? Sounds like symbiosis was the idea in the first place.

Here's what I know about the tech. Nanites are like tiny mindless builders. They break stuff down, and take the raw material to form something new. The only thing that tends to change in the formula is what they break down, what they build, and how--or if--you can tell them to stop.
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You... talk to them? How do you manage that?
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[The human body only really communicates with parts of itself two ways: through electric impulses and chemical messengers. In this case chemicals are too slow, and electrical ones are plausible but even then there's no accounting for nanite-to-nanite networking... leaving what? Nothing?]

I feel like I should be able to shed light on that for you Rex... but I'm no biologist. Have you tried talking to Mordin about that? Obviously he wouldn't know the ins and outs perfectly but he might give another perspective to the whole thing.
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Which is exactly why a medical doctor with a specialization in advanced tech and human biology would be worth talking to! I'm surprised you don't know who I'm talking about. He's the one with the, uh...

[Gestures in roughly the shape of Mordin's head-fins.]

Those things. Even if he can't provide some insight, what do you have to lose?
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Really? What kind of food?

[Mokona has her priorities well in order.]

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What was Rex's favorite kind?
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That's too bad. When you're travelling, eating lots of good food is important.
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That's why Mokona likes being a mascot type better.
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Mokona's role in life is to sit around being cute and offering moral support while other people do the hard work.
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Mokona is easily entertained!