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welp, there goes the neighbourhood.


Allo, everyone! Ooo, I like this phone thing, 's very... friendly. Friendly phone! Anyway, I'm Theta Sigma, nice to meet you all, I'm moving into rooooooooooooom... [he digs a piece of paper out of his longcoat pocket and shakes it out with one hand.] three-seventeen. Anyone want to stop'round, say, hullo, feel free!


[Someone's setting up in Room 317, even though he hasn't got any belongings. He is, however, very meticulously moving the furniture about. The door's open and he occasionally tosses something out through it only to come back for it a few minutes later. Say hi?]
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Hey... Theta Sigma.

[The phone chimes in with a voice he may have heard in the Labs when they were putting him through the gauntlet of questionarres and physicals that constitute a "welcome" to Sirocco.]

I forgot to mention back at the labs. Name's Gordon, and I'm one of the amnesiacs too. Ermis is just south of the Labs, you're probably going to want to know and I don't think any of us told you yet.
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Two doors down in 315, 's a matter of fact! Yeah, the two hearts thing? [He rubs his neck sheepishly.] What can I say, I'm not exactly a biologist, n' you looked human enough at the time... The boys down here still have no clue, and I don't think they will until you remember enough to tell 'em.
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Guess I do, a little... [He's probably one of the youngest scientists in the Labs. Certainly the youngest physicist. Funny, he doesn't seem particularly proud of it.]

Two hearts? Yeah, that's new. Don't get me wrong, there are other non-humans around. Shen, Ran, Karkat, Mordin... But you were... a surprise, I guess. Yeah. You surprised the hell outta those biologists.
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No clue, big guy. What d'you like to do to physicists, burn 'em under a magnifying glass?

[He's kidding obviously, but there's something about this guy's seemingly universal disdain for the sciences--or at least, those that practice them--that leaves him curious. And a little amused.]
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Theta Sigma? Is that a designation of some kind, or your actual name?

[The vocoder-drenched voice sounds honestly curious, rather than sarcastic.]
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[She giggles at that, then clears her throat.]

Tali. Just Tali. I got here only a few days ago myself. But they seem eager enough to have us here.
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All of them, really! They need us here, from what I understand. We can help keep the town safe, and the island more habitable. I've heard of the creatures in the ruins; most of the townspeople don't have the abilities to defend against them that... people like us do.
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*As always, Kotetsu just BARELY manages to avoid getting beaned by one of said objects.*

Oi! Watch it!
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What, the one you just friggin' chucked at me? Why'd you even throw it then?
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You just got here and you're already rearranging the furniture?
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[Rudolph was on his way back from his stint at the clinics when he sees a folding table tossed out]