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*It happens without warning. She'd just been doing her normal thing, working in the restaurant. One of the patrons had looked ill, so she went to see if he was okay -- and he'd changed then. Suddenly, what was once the kindly old man who always ordered meatloaf once a week now is a huge, slavering beast.

People are screaming. Tsuruya backs up, startled. The creature howls, and swings a terrible claw at her, and hits...


Tsuruya had reacted without thinking about it, jumping several feet away. She grabs the first thing she can find -- a plate -- and slings it at the thing. It makes a shocking degree of impact.

She could question how it is she's suddenly acting faster and stronger than she did before -- but now's not really the time, is it?*
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[Danny had just been sitting there, calmly enjoying a sandwich, when someone two tables over suddenly morphed into a giant monster.

He freezes, and the filling in his sandwich falls out back onto his plate.

Just give him a moment.]
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[when Tsuruya dodged, the creature had a perfect path straight for Danny. He kicked his chair over, landing with an 'oof!' on his back. A moment later, he awkwardly rolls himself onto his feet and runs into the cafe (empty by now, surely) to transform.

When he bursts out through the ceiling, he relocates the fight and hovers at a decent distance above. He doesn't want to get in the way of those knives, after all.]

Guess he isn't too happy about the service at your cafe!
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[Danny wants to help, but from his position right now behind Tsuruya, he's afraid of hitting her instead of the creature. Instead, he flies around to the other side of the creature and fires an ecto-beam at it.]

Sounds like a lesson about food service to me: don't keep folks waiting, or else you'll be facing a real monster of a customer.
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[with the creature down and out, Danny flies down to the ground, looking a lot more relaxed, and grinning.]

Yeah, no kidding--and I was just here for a sa---uhhh, a bit of flying around town when it happened!

But at least it wasn't that bad! We took him out pretty quick and everything.

Where'd you learn to do stuff like that, anyway? You could be on the Justice League!
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I guess... I didn't really think about it that way.
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[Theta Sigma walks in the door, sees this, and damn near walks right back out again, but something twinges in the back of his mind to stay. To... to do something. But what?]

[Well, flattening himself against the wall as the creature lumbers past him is a good start....]
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[He admittedly stares at the sight of a slip of a girl beating the stuffing out of a giant monster. Still....]

y'sure you don't need any help with that?
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[By now, the Justice League's been alerted of a monstery disturbance in the area. That's got to be it. It looks like it's well in hand, though! His impulse to step in and hero it up is warring with his impulse to sit back and not spoil the limelight for this new heroic figure.

...Wait a minute, he'd know that outrageous hairstyle anywhere!]

Tsuruya? I didn't know you could fight!
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Well, whatever you're doing, it's working!

Did you see where it came from? There could be more of them!
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That was some hit! Are you sure you're human?

[In hindsight, that green hair's always been pretty fishy.]
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...You said this used to be a person?

[Joachim eyeballs it. Not any kind of monster he's seen before.]
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I suppose it would be in bad taste to put him down for good if that's the case!

...I'm not sure the jail we have now could hold him, though. Any ideas?
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Say, the League does have Captain Crowbar these days. I bet he or one of his scientist buddies would know how to keep this fellow out of trouble!

I don't suppose you have a wheelbarrow lying around, do you?
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That should do the job! [He starts dragging the monsterized patron off to the side. Gotta keep the streets clear.]

And if it turns out you can jump that high, try traveling by rooftop!
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[Dave watches Tsuruya kick some royal amounts of ass. This is almost as surprising as the monsters themselves.]

The fuck?
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[He'd help but...really, she seems like she has it under control.]

You, uh, you need any help in there?
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