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A Waterspout! Off the port bound!

[late at night]

[Hector tosses and turn, pushing a pillow down over his head, trying to block out a weird song in his head from a place dark and old. With a sudden start, he woke up, drenched in sweat, staring out the window.

He got dressed and headed out, wandering about without thinking of where he's going, and ends up spending most of it at the docks. Despite knowing better, he dipped his hands in the sea water and started to drink]


[Hector found himself in the lobby of the Justice League, of course when everyone is out fighting monsters. He huddles, arms around himself, his tongue feel like sandpaper, his skin like salt. it's too... too.

He suddenly lets out a primal scream as energy seem to explode from him as he changed]

[Now There is a giant waterspout visible through out the city whirling in the ruins of the building, spinning wildly as it veers off, leaving a dry, suffocating atmosphere in it's wake]
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[Danny had just finished dealing with a monster in Tsuruya's cafe, and was looking to head to JLS headquarters to see if maybe anyone else had any idea what it was or what was happening.

But just as he got there, he witnessed the entire building crumble apart as a giant...something sprouted out of it. He floats in place, mere feet away from the wreckage and the new monster, unsure how to handle this.]
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[He has no idea what to do here. It's just...a bunch of water. But it's moving, and Danny can't let it go anywhere else, not with how badly it destroyed JLS headquarters.

He shoots an ectobeam--cautionary, trying to better figure out the nature of this thing, but also just trying to disable it. Somehow.]

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[Did he just make it angry? He just made a giant water tornado angry. Oh god. How do you even deal with that?

He doesn't know, but he spots something inside the waterspout. Danny goes intangible and flies inside, closer to the dark shape, unsure of what he'll find.]
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[That is definitely disturbing--and loud. Uncomfortably, awfully loud. Danny takes a moment to cover his ears, but quickly recovers when he realizes his opportunity.]

Thanks for leaving me an opening--literally!

[He fires another ecto-blast, aimed straight into the depths of the beast's mouth. He doesn't know what this'll do, but it's worth a shot, right?

He really hopes it was worth a shot.]
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[He shields his ears from the awful scream, distracted for the moment. When he looks again, it's gone. He frantically looks in all directions and spots him running off. Danny decides to pursue--he got him once, but this monster may start wrecking other things too.]

You're not getting away that easy!

[He readies another blast, aiming for the mouth again.]