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*By now, word is pretty much out about the nanites in the air. Hell, Montfort had apparently been hit by the effect, which had required him to find a new tank to replace his old one. The little guy might be more capable of being out of water than the average octopus, but he's still an octopus.

Hiroshi, however, has been on edge ever since the word got out. People and creatures, transforming into monsters. Talk about hitting too close to home. He's been trying to distract himself with work, but he's clearly pretty agitated about the situation.

And then, one day looking up information, it happens. A sharp, sudden pain shoots through his whole system like a lance. He grips himself, feeling panic welling. No no no no no...*

S-someone! Anyone! H-help me...!
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[Theta Sigma happens to be very nearby--at the next table, actually. Before the librarian can swoop in and call security he runs to where Hiroshi is curled up....

...and then has no idea what to do.]

Sorry, everyone, he's just a bit... ill. Bad chowder at the cafe.... [He tries to get Hiroshi moving toward the door.] Let's get you home, eh?

[Big unconvincing grin goes here.]
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[There's the sneaking suspicion in Theta Sigma's mind that he'd be able to handle this if he had his memories. But he hasn't got them. So he's going to have to do the next best thing.]

EVERYONE OUT! GO! NOW! [He shoves the librarian and a gaggle of students toward the door. Also? That's a really powerful voice for such a skinny dude.]

[One of the students screams in panic as Hiroshi's transformation starts in earnest and at that moment if goes from confused shuffling to a frantic stampede for the door.]
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[He gulps. That is... quite... the monster. Still....]

Hiroshi? Are you still in there--[he ducks a flailing limb] Can you hear me?
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[And if it hit, Theta Sigma's memory regains would have taken a completely different and much shorter path. As it is, it doesn't, as he manages to throw himself out of the way.]

Right. I'll take that as a 'no'.

[He takes his own advice, now, and legs it out the door.]
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[Theta, fortunately, is not left alone for his retreat! As he flees from the EVO-ified Hiroshi, a young woman with a spear leaps down from a nearby rooftop.]

Bit off a bit more than you could chew, did you?
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You could say that...

[He stops running, at least concealing himself behind a large vehicle.]

Wot're you going to do with that spear?
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[Something that, to the untrained eye, resembles a battle stance!]

Isn't it obvious? I'm going to stop that thing!
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Just don't kill it--it's actually Hiroshi!

[Doesn't matter if she knows Hiroshi from Adam, really...]
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I'll be sure to show at least a little mercy!

[Shou springs forward, ready to stab the hell out of that monster!

While her speed and strength do outstrip humans, she's gradually becoming aware that she doesn't really know much about spear fighting beyond "pointy end goes in the other guy"...]
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[Shou careens past Monster Hiroshi, quickly having lost control of her momentum, and crashes into a wall. All those warrior instincts don't seem to be kicking in.]
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I'm not done with you yet!

[Stubbornness is a virtue! At least, it is in this situation. Arguably.

Shou's back on her feet, having given up on the spear for now, and is charging Hiroshi again. Slower, this time, in case he tries any of his funny business, and with full intent to punch a whole lot.]
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[In the moment of truth, Shou dodges bast on reflex rather than thought, and dodges... up?]

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All right, here we go!

[Spending a few seconds adjusting to the fact that gravity is a lot more optional than she thought, Shou does an experimental midair loop before hurling towards the EVO for a very literal flying kick.]
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[Shou dodges between the gobs of acid with instinctual ease, although it seems that this style of flight doesn't lend itself too well to having no ranged weapons whatsoever. The spear was no good, so... she waits for a pause in the acid barrage, then swoops in for a facepunch!]
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[Wham! The arm hits Shou, and hits hard. She bounces a few times before landing in a heap some distance away.]
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[She hits the ground not far away from an approaching heavily-armed bird. Now he and Shou might not be the best of friends but that's Ran's roommate, damnit. He looks for whatever did the throwing.]
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[And intercept he does. Half-drunk and a little blood-crazed, he charges into the fray faster than one'd think him capable of moving after all this, starting his round of the fight with a volley of throwing knives.]
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[Sorry, Hiroshi, no-can-do. Shen snaps his wings and tail out, leaping into the air to avoid the acid stream and propels himself forward for a metal-shod foot in Hiroshi's bug-face.]
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[Shen is in the zone, now, his eyes wide, a proper snap to his motions. He ducks impossibly low, pivots, flashes his tail across the monster's eyes and then leaps into the air, bringing the butt of the guan-dao down, intending to deal the beastie a sharp blow to the head.]
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[Shen lands beside it, almost disappointed that the fight is over. Ah, well, more where that came from. He shrugs, then pulls a rope dart from his sleeve, tying up as many of its limbs as he can. Dragging it away to the labs, now.]