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[It started with a mild headache. He thought at first that it might just be your regular, run of the mill headache; it was certainly loud enough with all the monsters to warrant one.

But that all changed when the fire nation attacked using his power resulted in something slightly... different. Namely, the chunk of falling debris coming out as something a bit more akin to a box of compacted material.

Which was... a dilemma, since now he couldn't exactly protect people by simply isolating them anymore. But that wasn't quite the end of it.

No, the worst part is the appearance of a giant, white-furred monster sporting some very nasty fangs, huge bat like wings, and a trademark pompom. And Yuta's pretty sure he knows the one moogle in town, meaning...

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Oi! Kid! Get outta there!

*Okay, so he may not have powers right now, but danged if he's gonna stop being a hero because of it! He rushes in, firing a wire shooter to wrap around the creature's foot. One good tug and...*
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*Boy, he hopes nobody was in that building.*

Eh? You know that thing?!
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Geez, of all the times -- look, worry about that later! Just friggin' run already!
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Damnit kid, I'm not going to -- heh. N-nice big white... whatever?

*He begins to back up nervously. Aw crap.*
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*Oh man, he BARELY dodged that one. Well, at least its attention is on HIM and not the kid. Time to book it.*
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Damnit! Just leave me alone, you big freaking... big thing!

*He shoots his wire shooter up at a flagpole and retracts it, using the momentum to swing himself up to it so that he can fire and swing even higher. He's gotta find someone who IS willing to deal with that thing -- and CAN do it!*
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*Oh. Uh, the wings work. ...He knew that.

Looks like he's got no choice but to try to take the thing down himself before it does more damage. Sorry, kid, but the lives of others takes priority here. He's sure they'll fix the little guy right up afterwards.

He swings to the rooftops, waiting for the right opportunity.*

Okay, come on, you big fuzzball...
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*He waits for his moment -- then dives under the former moogle and aims his wire-shooter again -- this time at the creature's wings. Let's bring him down to Earth, eh?*
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*And yanks him with it! He just barely manages to grab the edge of the building before he gets totally tossed over the side. He really should've thought his cunning plan through a bit better.*
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I was TRYING to save YOUR life! We gotta knock this guy out and take him to the kid who can cure this crap, you know!

*He tries to pull himself up and slips a bit. Damnit. This is REALLY embarrassing.*
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I'm DOING the best I CAN you damn -- hey, don't get its attention!

*Crap crap crap crap CRAP.*