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[action] describing skin with words that should not be associated with skin

[Danny needs a break from all the fighting he's been doing for the past several days, what with all the suddenly hostile monster animals running about.

He carefully lowers himself onto the ground from mid-air near a block of shops that were half-destroyed a few days earlier. He needs a moment to breathe. He feels strangely...heavy.

It's then that he notices he probably needs more than just 'a moment to breathe.' He looks down at himself and sees his skin sagging and stretching taut across his bones. It slowly slinks and oozes towards the ground as though it can't decide if it wants to stay solid or become liquid. He lifts his hands closer to his face for inspection and watches in horror as the skin refuses to move with the bones and begins dripping to the ground.]


[He tries running, but finds that with each step lifting his legs becomes more and more difficult. He leaves behind a small puddle of himself with each step he takes, and his legs are melting at a much faster rate than the rest of himself. It only serves to make Danny panic more.]

I-I can't--I'm melting!
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[Joachim's heard a whole lot of cries for help this past week, and hearing that kind of thing is even more worrying when it's coming from someone he knows. That is Phantom under there, isn't it? Yikes. He jogs after his distressingly liquid coworker.

Danny! What did this to you?

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[This is gross, but he's seen worse, don't panic don't panic...]

Okay, just... pull yourself together! I'll get you to the labs! They'll get to the bottom of this!

...Let me go... find a bucket or something to put you in. Wouldn't want to lose any of you on the way there!

[He's looking around frantically while trying to not look directly at Danny in the process. This is actually really distressing now that it's happening to a friend!]
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Re: unintentional alliteration...

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[A rain barrel! That should do it! Joachim tips it over to get rid of the water, rolls it back to Danny, and does his best to... scoop him in there.]

Keep steady, I've seen worse!

[This is only technically true.]
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[Thanks to all those laser monsters and spiderllamas tearing up the streets, this is one bumpy ride. At least it's a fast one.]

You can still think and talk! That's pretty rare for these latest monsters, isn't it?
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[...Gross. Oh well it's stain resistant it'll be fine.]

That's not anything important, I hope!

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[Arrrgh yes that is definitely a burning sensation.]

Take deep breaths! Find a... a happy place! Think of your happy place!

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[Can it get any worse at this point? MOST LIKELY.]

What?! How fast?! Can you plug up the hole?
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I don't know! Improvise! And don't get any more on me if you can help it!