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02 -> we were born to die


I'm sure some of you out there aren't doing so well with this infestation of monsters, so I have some good news. I have experience fighting beasts, see? And where I'm from, I was one of the greatest mercenaries alive.

Now, if anyone is interested in my services, I am willing to help. Just make me an offer. Make sure it's a good one, though. There better be anemoi involved, or else you're just wasting my time.

((Old 3% spent on archery skills and memory of fighting feral laguz.))
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I got one for you.

How about if you help deal with these things, the monsters won't rip our apartment to shreds and you won't have to live on the street.
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Eh, you got me. Have fun.
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The more I think about it the less I feel like we need any more raging douchebags on our monster hunting team than we already have. As glowing as your credentials are.
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Dude, I'm not in the League. Have you met those flaming pack of weirdos?
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It's not for lack of trying.
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[Have an incensed girl in an isolation suit.]

What? There are people dying out there! Isn't helping them enough incentive for you to fight like everyone else?!
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Ugh, of all the horrible, selfish--!
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They already pay us, you idiot! What do you think the room at Ermis and the stipend is for? They want us to help rebuild and protect the city!
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[Of all the freaking self-important--]

You know what? Hm, you've got a point. Good talent deserves a little extra something, doesn't it? And it just so happens that I'm sitting on a little extra right now.

[Wait, is he serious?]
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Yeah. Ran's been an excellent lab assistant! Didn't even ask for payment, just jumped in and proved herself an invaluable asset in computational science! We would be miles away from a cure right now if it weren't for her, and you know, it just wouldn't be right to not compensate her for what she's done for us.

Great idea, Shinon.

[Yes, he did that just so Shinon would get his designer leather breeches in a twist.]
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I'll take my chances. I'm not a memeber of JLS because they like the way I look in spandex.