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Important announcement. Learned much about nanotech infection. Have created stopgap solution!

Have device

[He turns the camera so it focuses on something that looks like a big spike about a foot and a half long with a box about the size of a paperback book stuck on the blunt end.]

Should deliver current that disrupts nanites. Only problem, no effective method of delivery. Have to do it manually. Close quarters, dangerous, but should incapacitate EVO as long as battery holds out.
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...That was fast.
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Very useful.

I'm guessing there's only one of those things?
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...Good question. Maybe someone who can't defend themselves without it?

[He pauses and thinks a little while.]

Ooooor...maybe it's not about who gets it, it's where you put it! If you can lure a bunch of EVOs into one place and then you use that thing, you could stun all of them at once!
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....Oh. you think an EVO shishkebob would work, then?
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So no shiskebobs. Guess that does mean we can only give it to one person.
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It's better than nothing. And plenty of us can hold our own in close quarters, even against those monsters.
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...Just one? Can't you have them mass produced?
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Fair enough. I'd say doing that immediately should take utmost priority, so we're not stuck with just one.
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So... all that device does is stop them? It doesn't reverse the process?
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[How does she even explain all this?]

I think I have too. Cured one, I mean. I'm not completely sure what I did, I just wanted that low-frequency hum and part of it just... fell apart!
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I'm still reacquainting myself with the functions of this suit, but one of them in particular is a variable haptic re-calibration system. I can widen the range of things I can sense through it, make it stronger or weaker... I must have bottomed out the frequency range accidentally while I was running from the monster.
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[Okay, calming down. One thing at a time.]

Not exactly. Thanks to the suit, I could feel the frequency they were using. I panicked when that monster picked me up, and did the only thing I could think of: I jammed the signal. That caused the whole thing to go dead and fall apart...

Well, that part of it, anyway.