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Transformation Matrix

[The basement of the labs was dark and still, a graveyard of steam pipes and forgotten items and disused equipment that no one really wanted to see anymore. The area was all too familiar to Gordon; this was where his suit's charging station was sequestered.]

[But this isn't why he had come here this time. He coughed, leaning against the wall; pale, clammy, and trying to catch ragged shreds of breath. His lungs felt like they were on fire. At first he thought it was just stress, or exhaustion, or some fucking flu virus... he doubles over and coughs from the bottom of his lungs. Pieces of bloody... something, splatter to the floor. His own lung tissue maybe. Oh god, no wonder he couldn't breathe. There's plenty of soft defenseless tissue for the nanites to mess around with in there...]

[Yes, he knew exactly what was going on. That's why he wanted to get as far down and away from people as possible. Lock himself up. Hopefully the others will figure out what happened to him--]

[He lurches into another violent coughing fit and doubles over, wrenching himself to the floor. And those splatters of inert bloody tissue recoil from the impact, and slowly begin to inch away.]


[Oh hey, look, it's one of those wormy scientist guys! Why is the background so dark...?]

"Ah, is this thing on? Oh, alright. Ahh... ahem... It seems that just to compound the difficulty the power to the labs has gone out. No one is sure of the cause, and to top it off our illustrious Mister Freeman has gone missing. I knew the boy couldn't handle the pressure of administration. It may be a while before we can--wait, what was that? No, over there. By the air duct! Oh FINE, I'll go looOH GOD--"

[The rest is cut off by screams and a sickening prolonged crunch. It's safe to say that the Labs would like some help.]
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Mordin reacted calmly and quickly. It was almost disturbing how easily this kind of thing came to him.

As he swung around, he brought up his omni-tool and selected "INCINERATE.EXE". Microassemblers whirred for about half a second, then a small projectile was launched out of the front towards the blood-beast. The projectile burst into flames about two feet past the end of Mordin's hand and left a brilliant between the Salarian and the monster before exploding into sparks and flames.
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[The screeching from the monster nearly turns Theta Sigma's stomach, but he keeps his breakfast down.]

Are you able to do that again? Because if not, I really think we should run.
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*Kotetsu looks ill as well. Fatal force on anything never sits well on him. Even a horrible monster you kind of would LIKE to kill it with fire.*

Run where?! If you have a suggestion, I'd like to hear it!
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Strange. Also: Secondary concern. "Prolonged engagement not in our best interest. Need to improvise explosives, blow hole in floor over lobby. Chemistry lab first door on the right around the corner. Run!"
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Something tells me you won't need any help doing that.

[Nevertheless, he runs. And it feels... disturbingly familiar. Like he's done just this sort of thing before. Many, many times. It's even as though he's always had the right shoes for it and everything...]
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Running! But what the hell are you gonna use for that sorta thing?!