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Transformation Matrix

[The basement of the labs was dark and still, a graveyard of steam pipes and forgotten items and disused equipment that no one really wanted to see anymore. The area was all too familiar to Gordon; this was where his suit's charging station was sequestered.]

[But this isn't why he had come here this time. He coughed, leaning against the wall; pale, clammy, and trying to catch ragged shreds of breath. His lungs felt like they were on fire. At first he thought it was just stress, or exhaustion, or some fucking flu virus... he doubles over and coughs from the bottom of his lungs. Pieces of bloody... something, splatter to the floor. His own lung tissue maybe. Oh god, no wonder he couldn't breathe. There's plenty of soft defenseless tissue for the nanites to mess around with in there...]

[Yes, he knew exactly what was going on. That's why he wanted to get as far down and away from people as possible. Lock himself up. Hopefully the others will figure out what happened to him--]

[He lurches into another violent coughing fit and doubles over, wrenching himself to the floor. And those splatters of inert bloody tissue recoil from the impact, and slowly begin to inch away.]


[Oh hey, look, it's one of those wormy scientist guys! Why is the background so dark...?]

"Ah, is this thing on? Oh, alright. Ahh... ahem... It seems that just to compound the difficulty the power to the labs has gone out. No one is sure of the cause, and to top it off our illustrious Mister Freeman has gone missing. I knew the boy couldn't handle the pressure of administration. It may be a while before we can--wait, what was that? No, over there. By the air duct! Oh FINE, I'll go looOH GOD--"

[The rest is cut off by screams and a sickening prolonged crunch. It's safe to say that the Labs would like some help.]
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"Huh. Curing seems to work."

He says, as if this is any surprise.

He glances up from the gross, bloody mess and spots the other halfling monster that he punched earlier. He thrusts his hand out at it too in an attempt to cure it before it does any more damage.
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Ran observes this process impassively, still maintaining the defense of the non-combatants. "It seems like you have considerably more effect than I do," she comments idly, an eyebrow raised.
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"Yeah, well, when you--"

Rex cuts off mid-sentence when he spots the last blood creature removing and reattaching its bloody limbs to get out of the tendrils.

"...Okay, that? Is gross." Rex runs closer to it and shoves his hand at it to cure it as well.
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Ran observes the tendrils a bit longer -- and then slips out a slightly smaller shikigami. Focusing, she activates it with as little light as she can, before slipping it up through the vent where the tendrils are coming from.

Friend, or foe? This must be established.
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Rex does, in fact, fully expect a violent retaliation from the tendrils, and can't help but lean in when they don't. How strangely...not monster-like. He tries to gingerly poke it.

Then he turns back to Ran, recalling the shikigami she just sent through the vent. "What was that thing you sent through there, anyway?"
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Ran's eyes are closed, focusing on her sight through her servant. "A shikigami. Shh."

She refocuses, and channels her thoughts through it. Strange one. Do you understand what I am saying to you now? If you cannot speak, then simply show a sign.
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Rex pauses before he leans down and gingerly picks up the glasses. Well that can't be good. Hopefully that's not Gordon's blood on the glasses. Hopefully he just dropped them when getting away from this area and someone else's blood got on them.

"Okay. Add that to the to-do list: find Gordon."

He glances from the glasses to the tendril, glasses to the tendril.

"It looks like it's trying to communicate with us, though." He crouches and inches closer to the tendril, trying to see more of it and follow it visually to its source. "Wonder what it's trying to say."
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Ran, her eyes closed, speaks slowly, deliberately, her focus clearly not all in the room with them. "I believe... we have already found him."

She maintains her focus. Gordon. I strongly believe it is you. The probability of it being anybody else is low. Please remain calm. The boy who cures is with me. I shall send him on his way. If you could provide me directions, I will assist him in reaching you as soon as I can.
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Rex frowns at the scientists. "No one's dissecting anyone."

His eyes follow the sound of the beeps to the service elevator. He walks over to it and places a hand on the corner of it. " this supposed to lead us to him?"
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She nods. "So it seems. It is fortunate that he was able to maintain his senses even in this state. Be careful, however; I am certain the less cordial creatures are still around."

She looks over at the scientists. "I will safeguard their exit. If I do not hear from you in half an hour, I will pursue. Is that understood?"
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Rex can't help but smirk at the sight of the tile falling on the scientist's head.

"You guys keep an eye out for vicious ceiling tiles, then. I'm gonna head down."

With that, he enters the service elevator, waiting for the doors to close and take him to...wherever.
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She nods. "Come along now. And no more talking of your compatriot as if he were a THING. It is clear he does not appreciate it." She leads the way, a shining shikigami in front of her.
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Ran runs a series of logistical situations through her head. Escaping now would ensure the safety of all involved, but simultaneously slow down dramaticly the progress towards an overall cure. Meanwhile, restarting the generator would allow for further progress once the threat is neutralized, but also risked the greater loss of life. At the same time, however, with their unexpected ally...

She mulls. "Tell me quickly. How long would you expect restarting that to take?"
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Rex does a quick look around. The doors are all blocked off. He could go through any one of those...but then he spots the tentacle. It probably wants him to go over there instead. Rex approaches the pit and looks down. No end in sight. He tosses down a bit of rubble near the pit, listening to where it may fall. He hears nothing.

"Huh. Guess it's the pipe or nothing, then."

At least it's not a train tunnel.

Rex carefully navigates the pipe's edges and the pit before crawling into the pipe itself.
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Rex is about to comment on the growing stench when suddenly the pipe seems to give way and he begins falling. He shouts, surprised, but is cut off abruptly when he lands on the concrete on his back.


It takes him a few moments to get himself up onto his elbows after that, and then onto his legs. But he manages to stand up, roll his shoulders a bit to get the pain out, and moves on.

"This isn't creepy at all."

He begins walking towards Gordon's gesturing tendril, cautious and wary.
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Yeah, but where's the fun in that?

Rex decides it's a better idea to run towards whatever-it-is with a giant metal fist pulled back, ready to slam it into the next century.

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