Jan. 3rd, 2012

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[Shirou had his phone turned on. He was about to make a post, but...

...Then a memory surged back into his mind before his mind's eye.

A memory of a man, resting on the porch. A twelve-year-old Shirou with him. Talking about superheroes and ideals. The main failed to reach his ideal...so his son promised to take it up for him.

Those were the last words his father would ever hear from his son.]

He... He died... He's...dead...

[But he forgot that his phone was on.]


Jan. 3rd, 2012 10:44 am
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Does anybody else remember that Yuri fellow who used to live here? He's been showing up in quite a few of my memories. Clearly I know him better than I thought I did! He was some sort of globe-trotting adventurer back home. I'm still not sure exactly what we were up to, but there were plenty of ruins. Not to mention all the monsters! They're not exactly out of the ordinary back home, but I don't remember being swarmed like that before I fell in with that group.

It was a pretty strange group at that! An old man and his puppet, a lady soldier with a flaming sword... And I think we had a dog. Yuri was... sort of the leader, but he wasn't all that into it. After we rescued a princess, she more or less took over in any case. For the record, real princesses are a lot bossier than the kind you read about in storybooks!

((3% on his part in Twilight of Russia, 2% on the first half of Reunion. 16% total.))
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Has anyone remembered anything they can't make much sense of? [ Rin is hardly ever distraught in public, so this is a rare form for the girl. ] Allow me to try to make an example that will be easy for any idiot to follow. In remembering a conversation with someone, you recollect all of the words, yet the visual memory is foggy, so your mind subconsciously replaces the picture with someone you have spoken to here. Because really, how stupid is it to think that just any one of you are from the same place as me? I'm not naive enough to think that, so don't you dare suggest it to me. I'll just be sour with you and think little of your opinion in the future.

[ Even if she's harsh in her words, there's a glimmer of hope in her gaze as she stares down the phone in her hand. ]

"Please take care of me. I think you know, but I am unreliable... Please support me."

[ Almost as though she's reciting from memory, her hand goes to the side of her head to prop it up in a feigned manner of boredom. ]

Does that sound familiar to anyone? No, right? So it's stupid of me to think about it. Geez, why am I even talking about it on this stupid thing in the first place!? Everyone else does it, but they sound so fluent and sure of themselves so I thought it would be alright for me to try! Just f-forget it! [ /RAGEQUIT!!! ]


Jan. 3rd, 2012 07:04 pm
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[After several minutes of confusion, Rudolph was given a cursory instruction on how to use his phone, after some misdials he manages to get a line open]

Ah, Hello - am I doing this corrctly? Ah, good.

I'm Rudolph Van Richten... and that is all that I know, meaning I'm in the same ship as everyone else. Is there anything I need to be caught up on event-wise?

[He can be seen running his fingers over the buttons curiously - for the moment the screen goes black]


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