Jan. 10th, 2012

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Things come in threes, but not always good things. )


TAKURO NO! GAAH! Ha... ha...

*The apartment again. He'd fallen asleep at the table, piles of books around him. Montfort watches him with concern from his tank across the room.

He puts his head in his hands. No... no, he's good. Really. He's fine. It's just... everybody has tragedies in their lives, right? He shouldn't let it get him so emotional. Calm rationality. That's the key. The key to everything, right? The key to... success...

He can't do it. This one, this last memory. It's too much. They're dead. They're all dead. He did nothing to stop it. In the end, the only person he'd saved was himself. Like a coward.

He puts his head in his hands -- and, for the first time since arriving here, looking very much like the scared teenage boy he is, he weeps.*


*He's mostly recovered at this point, but there might still be a little hint of redness to his eyes. Otherwise, he looks as cool as always.*

Hey. I have a question. Everybody remembering things... how do you continue to pursue your memories if they're filled with tragedy? Logically, it'd be better to take advantage of forgetting the past and move on with the future, right?

((OOC: 1% of the bonus New Years memories used on vaguely remembering the circumstances of his arrival, and the last 2% remembering the fate of Takuro in 6.0))


Jan. 10th, 2012 08:58 pm
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[of the inside of Palom's mouth]

Look!  All that gross mucus-y stuff is gone!  I'm finally better now!  [Not that anyone could really tell he was sick; his volume only decreased like a half notch even with a sore throat]  Wanna see up my nose?  I've always wanted to know what it looked like but it's kinda hard to tell with just a mirror and a light.  Oh maybe you guys can play me back the video of my nose later so I can see inside myself that'd be really cool OK wait hold on I hafta take a deep breath so I don't accidentally sneeze in the middle or something I'm still a little bit



..........Well now there's snot everywhere.  Gross.

Anyway!  I remembered a lot of cool stuff!  I'm from Mysidia!  It's a city of mages!  And I'm the youngest one, but I know like, almost all of the black magic spells already cause I'm a prodigy!  Toldja I was!  Everyone was jealous of me and Porom 'cause the Elder took care of us and taught us himself and we knew the most, but also 'cause I was way better at casting magic than they were.

Oh!  And I remembered something else!  We were all mages because we were protecting this thing called the Crystal of Water.  I don't know what it does but I bet it was really important.


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