Jan. 11th, 2012

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*There's been an increasing number of complaints from various members of the business community in Sirocco of late. It seems to be mostly from the grocers; reports of petty theft have suddenly shot up around the community. At first, it was thought to be human burglers, but the discovery of a few gnawed through packages have shifted that thinking; clearly, a wild animal is on the loose in Sirocco, causing problems.

Now, perhaps you were actively looking for the creature. Or perhaps it was on accident. But at some point, you spot something odd in a box in an alley -- what looks like a very, very large fox, sleeping. Strangely, the fox seems to have kept the area around it fairly meticulous; the only dead giveaway this may be the culprit is the presence of a few empty packages of fried tofu neatly disposed of in the garbage next to the fox.

There's something vaguely unnatural about the creature; it's too big for a normal fox, for one, and there are strange fur patches that look almost like seals. More importantly, however, there are way, way, WAY more tails on that creature than there should be. Say, nine of them.

The fox suddenly starts, detecting your presence, and shifts into a defensive posture, baring teeth. What do you do?*
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He stumbles into the hallway, his little brother holding onto the sleeve of his pajama shirt. )


[Having procured himself a red winter coat and a pair of heavy white gloves, he's up on a roof, helping to shovel the snow off.]

[Or... well, he's supposed to be.]

[But he's currently pecking off unsuspecting pedestrians with snowballs.]


[He stares at the camera for a moment. And no, he's not sitting in the dark place so the slight redness of his eyes is harder to see, nope.]

'Bout time I got something more informative.

[And then the feed ends.]

[Memories: 1% spent on watching Hohenheim in his study, 3% spent on Resembool, the Elric house, the Rockbells, and Hohehheim leaving. 4% remaining.]


Jan. 11th, 2012 09:31 pm
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[Video! New face. The angle's odd, because the phone is face-up on the ground, and the person using it is sort of leaning over to look down at it.]

I have a dramatic revelation to make.

I lost my memories. Also my wallet. And my keys, and my shoes. My toothbrush. Maybe a few body parts, but it's hard to be sure.

Moving into new apartment today. I don't think it will be hard to take everything with me.

Also, hello.
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WHO: Danny and Vriska
WHAT: a blind date!
WHEN: I don't know man. I guess like two weeks ago?
NOTE: the worst date ever. the worst.

this will probably switch to present tense in about two tags' time )


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