Jan. 13th, 2012

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[Private/TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide] )


[Throughout the day, Yuta has been keeping to himself. Even if your character should encounter him, he'll turn the nearest corner and vanish without a trace. It's possible to catch him in the middle of a hallway or a street, but judging by his expression he's got a lot on his mind.

It isn't until later in the day that he stops this, sitting himself down in the Ermis lobby. Given how many weird powers are around, it's hard to justify keeping it a secret. Besides, after seeing the people around here, he's fairly confident nothing too bad would come of letting others know.

I remembered some more things. The thing where I can heal quickly - that's not all there was to it. Mainly, I've got the ability to isolate things.

[He holds up a pebble in his upturned palm, only for the pebble to vanish. Attentive viewers may catch the flicker of a box-like form around the stone before it completely disappears.] As long as it's isolated, nothing can touch it from the outside. And if it was something that could move, it wouldn't be able to get out either.

[The pebble appears again, and he closes his hand around it.] I don't remember using it more than once, but I'm sure I must have. It might even be useful for exploring those ruins.

((OOC: 5% to getting hit by the virus and the aftermath regarding his parents, plus his powers as a Comrade.))
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[Well, that was a strange memory. He'd been minding his own business, then got attacked by some blue guy wielding a red lance, thrown back into a shed, and then...he's not entirely sure.]

Hey, I've got...kind of a general question. Has anybody else out there suddenly had someone address them as "Master?"


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