Jan. 15th, 2012

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[The image one sees is the front of a used bookstore, before Rudolph quickly realizes he's facing the phone the wrong way and corrects it]

I just found some books in the bookshop that I can't read.

[Rudolph stifles a yawn]

The cover is blank, and contents are complete gibberish - I know it's... not a... aaaah matter of liter-aaaah-cy.

[The yawns are getting more frequent as his eyelids eyes start drooping]

has anyone else encounter... ah....

[The man starts tilting sideways, swaying - and with a thud, he collapses out of view, the "Picture device" as Van Richten calls it lays flat on the floor, staring up at the sky. Soon one can hear quiet snoring]

fifth hop

Jan. 15th, 2012 01:29 pm
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[So guess who else has been hit with a sudden bout of narcolepsy?

Yep, that's right, it's Bunny's turn to fall asleep at embarrassing moments. He was in the library, you see, checking out anything that could possibly shed some light on the mysterious symbol, and was in the middle of diligently pouring over a book on Greek mythology when he slumps over and starts snoring. Thankfully, it isn't very loud, but it's still a bit annoying.

It happens again when he tries to go home. Every so often, he's hit with the inexplicable urge to fall asleep, and can't resist it for long, which is why he's either:

a.) slumped against a tree in the park,
b.) curled up on a bench,
c.) leaning against a post, and...
d.) asleep. Anywhere.

He looks so peaceful when he's asleep, though, someone should probably wake him up.]
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Hey, has anyone seen Kyon around? He's my roommate, but I haven't seen him in a while, and I'm getting kinda worried. Does anyone know if he's okay? It's like he just...vanished, as far as I can tell.

Especially since his cat--I think his name is Shamwow--is starting to get really antsy without him. Anyone know how to take care of a cat?

((OOC: 0.6% on King Tuck, 0.8% on Doctor's Disorders, 0.5% on Teacher of the Year, 0.4% on Fright Knight, 0.4% Attack of the Killer Garage Sale, 0.5% Life Lessons. 3.2% regain, 4.9% remaining.))
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Dave was napping, not because of bizarre alien busybodies, but just because it's a boring day and he was tired. Suddenly he sat up as if remembering something.

"Oh good..."

And then he was nodding off again.

[1% spent on Dave's full name. 7% remaining]
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[Booster's been in Sirocco more than long enough to have a favorite coffee shop, and it's definitely a place he can frequently be spotted. So frequently, in fact, that one might wonder if he's trying to figure out how much caffeine it takes to kill a person firsthand. So it's probably not terribly surprising to spot him dozing off at a corner table, though it's anyone's guess if it's Vriska's doing or just too little sleep and too much coffee catching up with him.

He suddenly jolts awake with a strangled yell, looking around wildly for a moment before he apparently realizes where he is and calms down a little, though he certainly still doesn't look happy about it. No wonder he goes so heavy on the coffee.

[video; filtered to JLS members]

You all noticed the job about penguin marauders with an eye for expensive fish or whatever it was on the recent job board, right? Any volunteers for taking care of that?
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[Satori flips on the phone and angles the camera so her third eye is hidden from view. However, the yellow tendril attached to the side of her head is clearly visible. Also visible is the pet store behind her.

Without bothering to introduce herself (WHAT ARE SOCIAL SKILLS), she asks in a flat tone:]

Are pets allowed at the hotel?


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