Jan. 25th, 2012

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[The feed's a little jerky, and there's a sound from below, like Ken's hitting something periodically with his feet.]

I regained another memory today. It's mysterious, how out of order recall seems. My parents' names and faces are still unclear.

But I remembered something from my daily life! I'm a striker for the local soccer club. That's a position that mostly handles offense. Wormmon's never seen me play, but he says he'd heard I was pretty good!

Did anyone else used to play a sport?

[He actually sounds like he's almost laughing.

For those in the general area of the Ermis Suites, Ken's in the park across the way, kicking a soccer ball around with Wormmon and generally having a good ole time. He has a hobby! He has a hobby and a nice, normal life somewhere!]

[[ooc: Ken finally redeemed some of his cave adventure anemoi! 1% on his soccer club. Thread made for Yuta, but all are welcome~]]
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Tezuka. Rin Tezuka. Tezuka Rin.

I wonder how many times I'll have to say it before it stops sounding like the name of somebody I just met.


[Enough faffing around the apartments! Rin is now outside, shock and alarm. Her main activity?]

[Staring at the wall.]

[No, seriously. She's surrounded by paint supplies, next to a nice big paintable wall, ideal muraling space. But she isn't painting anything. She's just standing there, looking at it. What a weirdo.]

[If you're around particularly late in the day, you might catch her actually doing a little painting. But not much. Definitely not enough to be able to tell what it's a painting of.]

[This is going to take a while.]


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