Feb. 24th, 2012

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[It'd been a shock to wake up and find Nero gone. Not just the normal kind of gone from when the girl would wander off, but three days without her showing up at all or responding to any of her messages? No. Something was off. Something was wrong.

Arturia had been frantically searching the city all day, worry clear on her face, and asking anyone and everyone she found if they'd seen a girl who looked like her, but preferred to wear red. Somehow she managed to act like she was calm and collected, but anyone who had met her before could tell by how tense her posture was and how she treated every question like an interrogation.

Before long it finally occurs to her to put up a post on the network. A very tired-looking, worn out Arturia appears on the screen, her voice actually pleading as she speaks.]

Has anyone.... has anyone seen Nero? My sister. My twin. We share a face so a woman who looks like me. Please. She hasn't returned in three days and with these monsters running about I fear the worst may have happened.
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Who: Hiroshi, Palom, Gordon Freeman, Shampoo, Dave Strider, Rudy
What: The Finale of the Ao Oni Plot.
When: Shortly after Hiroshi runs off attempting to resolve the situation himself.
Where: A large, spooky mansion. Of course.
Notes: As of this log, all Onis are officially flushed out of Sirocco for good. Should someone feel like it, they may still on occasion appear in normal mission logs, but they are effectively no longer an issue in Sirocco itself.

The resolution of a long nightmare. )

And then the cavalry arrived.


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