Feb. 29th, 2012

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Clouds have been gathering this night. On the stroke of midnight, a thick green rain begins to fall. By morning, the streets, the roofs, the … every flat surface within sight of the town is covered in a thick film of rubbery slime. While it's not impossible to scoop up with effort, it's really goddamn stretchy and tends to stick to itself. Also, it's bouncy. Very bouncy. Walking on it is less walking and more wildly springing about, and if you start deliberately jumping around? Hoo boy. The good news is that it absorbs impact hella well too.

((OOC: In the tradition of fine Anemoi events that totally aren't vaguely ripping off anything else... Yeah I dunno where I'm going with this. Ask questions here and have a happy leap year!))
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Shen had been outside, in the cold, because it was the largest open space he could find at the moment. He'd been attempting to teach himself how to use that gan dao, possibly under the mistaken impression that if he waved the thing around long enough, muscle memory would kick in.

No such luck.

And to top it off, the sky decided to dump green slime on him and the moment he slipped, he went bouncing across the lawn. He'd fetched up against the door and attempted to roll inside.

Again, luck is not with him. The first flight of stairs he encounters clearly has other plans and he slips, bounces, gains too much momentum, and is now on the ceiling.

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[On the first floor lounge of Ermis Suites, a pair of books on crystal formation lie on a table with several small anemoi crystals scattered around it. On top of those lie books on crystal chemical structure. In turn on top of those lie ones on silicon doping, molecular bonding, electron orbitals, basic physics, intermediate physics, quantum mechanics, particle physics, chromodynamics, field theory... A familiar bearded young man is haphazardly sprawled in one of the overstuffed lounge chairs, rolling one of the gems across his knuckles while he stares wide-eyed into a book on applied n-dimensional supersymmetry...]


[The feed shows Gordon, looking happy and strangely excited about something. One of the apartments, ostensibly his own, make up the background.]

You were right, Ran. I WAS a scientist! No, nowait I AM a scientist! Just because I'm here now doesn't change anything! I, uh, I'm not sure exactly what kind of scientist yet, but that's not even all that important now. Look at this.

[He holds up a pale green sphere the size of a baseball. It's auspiciously the same shade of green as the slime covering everything outside.] A little chemical tinkering with that bouncy slime stuff overnight, and I came up with this. A cohesive quasisolid with insane mechanical potential energy! It's some kind of rotational spring action in the molecular bonding lattice that--oh hell, just look.

[He sets the camera down on a table youtube-vid style and steps back, throwing it at an angle at the floor. It bounces to the wall, then to the ceiling, then to the wall, then to the floor, in a rapidly-accelerating diamond-formation of doom. The ball seems to inflate for a split-second each time it hits, to the size of a bowling ball.] Is that awesome? Yeah, it's awesome. Imagine what would happen if you tossed one of these bad boys in a closed room with some monsters in it! Hahah, there'd be nothing left! Order yours today! Oh hey, maybe I really should sell these things...
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[If your character is braving the streets today, they may suddenly find themselves running into what can only be described as a wall of air. There is nothing that would visually give it away, but for some reason trying to pass through it does nothing. Thankfully, it doesn't hurt or anything to run into it - there isn't any real substance there, after all.]

[Video; Evening]

Hey. I've been wondering for a while... How many people remember where they're from? I know I'm from Japan and we've got someone from America.

I guess I'm just curious.

((OOC: 8% spent on the raid on the base and the oil rig. No details on the people he was with at the time, or why.))
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[He hadn't been listening to the weather much. In between finding out about his new roommate (oh, great, he'd have to work harder to keep from getting caught) and getting himself a lovely collection of signatures from some random people off the street (as well as their money), he didn't have time to do so.

Then again, it isn't like anyone could have predicted that the sky would rain green slime, of all things, on the one night that he finds trouble trying to get back to his room. And since he didn't find a safe place to wait out the storm in time, let's just say Moist is now more than moist, and his suit has now been ruined.

Oh, look, everyone. There is now what is apparently a green slime monster making its way to the Ermis Suites. Dare attack it?]


[There's a fair bit of background noise on this one before Moist speaks up. One can probably make out the words "bloody hell", "gods-dammit" and other such colorful words and phrases. It was his second-best suit, after all--the best one is the golden suit he'd arrived in that is now in his closet, along with quite a few tools for the amnesiac criminal.

Then, finally...]

Anyone know how to get a rather large amount of green slime off a very expensive suit? And while we're at it, off your...everything else as well? Why would it even be raining green slime in the first place...
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*The building's surrounded! The Justice League is currently handling this situation. The robbers had attempted to hold the tellers hostage, but hadn't counted on Wild Tiger being there to intercept! Thing is, though. on the way over, he got covered with this weird green stuff. It can't be too much of an issu --

Whoa, there he goes, getting catapulted out through one of the walls backwards! Those robbers must have one heck of a punch -- wait, now he's bouncing off the building on the other side of the street, and flinging right back into the building. It sounds like total mayhem in there! What could possibly --*


*He, uh, appears to be bouncing around in the building. Everywhere.*

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Shen did not quite manage to find an outdoor hot tub (he read the map wrongly), but he did find an indoor one in a place with openable windows. He has done just that in order to let the fumes escape, and is currently soaking blissfully in hot, vapourous water.

He is certain nobody will come in with the fumes of melting polymer everywhere. Assured of his privacy, then, he shivers his feathers, fanning out his tail and creating rather a lot of splashing in order to clean all of said feathers. About the only birdish thing he doesn't do right now, between the wing-flapping and the feather-shaking is verbalise any kind of sound.

So. There are fumes seeping out of the windows. And rather a lot of random splashing going on inside. What the hell?


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