Mar. 11th, 2012

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[Rex's face shows up on the feed, front and center.]

So, I think we've all noticed how completely boring this place has been lately.

In light of that, I propose we have some... bear wrestling matches!! Last person and last bear standing go up against each other in a grueling battle of fists and claws! [He punctuates his commentary with energetic fistpumps and fake punches in front of the camera.]

So who's up for it? If you don't wanna chicken out, meet me by the edge of town, near the forest!


[Rex got impatient. He is no longer on the edge of town like he said he'd be. Instead, he's in the forest, already taking on a bear. However, he's not too far in, and he's making a good deal of noise, so he's easy to find.]

Take that, you giant fuzzball! That's for making me jump around the trees like a stupid little mico! Ha, bet you didn't see that one coming!

[For a fight that sounds so painful based on the noises of the attacks, Rex's banter is very...playful.]

((OOC: 0.5% on the EVO bunny from Operation: Wingman. 2.3% total memory regain, 12.7% remaining (jeez, how did that even happen).))
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So I suppose I should really try to be a little more open about what I'm remembering from my past after all that stuff with the Onis.. Not that there's really anything exciting, though. Just some stuff from a village I used to live in before moving to a bigger town and meeting my friends. I'm sure a lot of you probably have similar memories.

*He is, of course, only telling a half-truth. The early stuff is the easy stuff. The memories that came back recently about his life AFTER the mansion are too painful to deal with in public -- and, honestly, unlike the Onis, not really anybody's business.*


Hey. I'm sorry to impose, but I don't suppose you could tell me any more about these EVOs you were talking about, could you? Only you're the first person I've run into besides myself who's met monsters they knew from where they came from, and it could be really important to keep some data about them in case more show up.


*Hiroshi's sitting with his pile of notes from the last expedition.*

The last expedition yielded a lot of results. Should I start from the beginning then, sir?

((OOC: Hiroshi didn't really bother with the post green gunk grab, so he only has about 4% to spread around. Part of that is from his early childhood in a more superstitious village, and part of it is from the social aftermath of the mansion incident. He's going to be more inclined to talk about the former than the latter unless you're close, and even then it'll be like squeezing blood from a stone.))


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