Mar. 17th, 2012

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Is it not melting--? Okay, good.

[This is Danny, although it's a little hard to tell because he's wearing a surgical mask, thick yellow gloves over his normal gloves, an apron, and is holding what looks like an arsenal of weapons made from cleaning supplies.

On the floor and the walls of the bathroom he is currently kneeling in is something...wet, almost liquidy, but also chunky. It looks like some sort of chunky soup gone bad.

and...are it full of jpeg artifacts?]

Okay, this? This stuff you're looking at on the floor right now? That's what alien vomit looks like.

And...far as I can tell right now, it's not radioactive or causing anything to melt so...that's good. It does smell really gross, though, and I think it's starting to dry hard as a rock now.

So, Karkat? Wherever you are? You seriously owe me--for spewing all over my bathroom and for freaking out on me!



[Danny gingerly reaches out to turn off the feed.]
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[ There's a video post coming from Iri. She seems to be shopping some Japanese clothes such as kimonos when she takes a break to post this. ]

My daughter is here now. Even if she doesn't remember me, it makes me happy to know that she's here and that I can spend time with her. I really want to hurry up and remember more of the happy times we have spent together.


I also remembered my husband's name. He was such a nice person, always paying attention to the small details for me. I'm really lucky to have him at my side, and I am sure that soon I will remember more. Kiritsugu always worried a lot for me, even when he was such a busy man for what I know!

Ah, I should hurry up and buy this gifts. Thank you for listening!
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Who: Karkat Vantas, Rudolph van Richten, Rin Tezuka, Karkat Vantas, Danny Phantom, Yuta Takizawa, Karkat Vantas, Booster Gold, Mokona, Karkat Vantas, Dave Strider, Vriska Serket, Scrooge McDuck, Karkat Vantas, Shen, Gordon Freeman, Tsuruya, and Karkat Vantas
What: Cross-temporal real-time chatting gone horribly, horribly wrong.
When: Starting shortly before Rayquaza's appearance, thereabouts.
Where: A chat client, with some implied Danny's room

* CURRENT_carcinoGeneticist was kicked by FUTURE_carcinoGeneticist
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[Somehow Scrooge managed to take most of that money himself to a recycling dump. Much to his dismay - what would be considered an incredible fortune comes down to... $2500 in scrap. Well if he made the original money, he can do it again!]


Well lads and lasses - I got a business proposition fer ye. I'm lookin' to survey the local mountains and locations of known mines fer anythin' worth prospectin'. While I don't have any anemoi to spare, I am willin' to pay for hard workers and those who know their way around a sticky situation.

[He chuckles, looking as giddy as a schoolboy... duckling?]

Whatever anemoi ye happen to find, finders keepers.

Now is there anyone with a sense of adventure and ambition willin' to take a chance?

((ooc: ooc recruitment here.))
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So, that dragon-thing in front of the labs? Looks like it's just hungry. At first I thought it would fly off and hunt if that were the case, but it is a DRAGON after all. It's kind of a thing of theirs to demand tribute in the form of food.

Anyone have a clue what a seventeen-ton dragon would eat? The only things I can think of that are usually dragon food are cattle and virgins...

I'd suggest we offer Karkat, but he'd probably just give the thing indigestion. Anyone else have any ideas?


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