Apr. 5th, 2012


Apr. 5th, 2012 01:33 am
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[Video, to JLS members]

[The camera wobbles as he lifts it up and Gordon fidgets a little, glancing over his shoulder. Behind him is a dingy background of tubing and concrete, with a pair of crates that are branded LAB STORAGE in big stencil letters. A strange greenish glow illuminates the side of his face, and for some reason he looks a little... overwhelmed.]

Booster? Guys? I... I've got a favor to ask you. You don't happen to have, uh... any sort of proving grounds, or a simulation chamber or something over at JLS headquarters that you use for testing equipment or training, do you? If you do... 's there a chance I can borrow it for a few hours?

[Action, despu├ęs de video call.]

[Those of you on your daily goings-on may notice a strange sight across the street from Justice League HQ. A Lab-branded van pulls in and as you watch a familiar young scientist hops out of the passenger side and hauls what looks like a large metal steamer-trunk out of the back, grunting with the effort. He then proceeds to lug the thing across the street towards the HQ, showcasing a spectacular mediocrity of muscle strength while doing so.]

Hnnngh, jeezus... should've just WORN the damn thing...

[Wouldn't you just love to know what the hell he's up to?]

[EDIT: Bonus Action, Inside JLS Headquarters.]

Alright. [Beyond the front offices, Gordon stretches and opens the case, extracting a heavy drape of armored plate and thick gray carbon fabric. He eyes it oddly and gives Booster an odd smirk.]

I'd say thanks for the chance to do this, but considering I pretty much came here to get the crap beat out of me that'd seem kind of stupid.
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[If anyone looks at the network, they will find themselves subjected to something that looks too...staged...too cinematic to be a normal network post. And too Spanish.

That's right. Rex is broadcasting the first episode of El Amor De La Pasion Del Amor. All 44 minutes of it. It is filled with overdramatic acting, evil twins, pregnancies, women fainting and falling to the floor in the throes of love and passion, long kisses that last an eternity with flowery backgrounds, and men ripping their shirts. Constantly. Regardless of what is happening, be it a confession or cooking breakfast. Because real men fry their bacon shirtless.

This is a public service and you should all be thanking him.

When it ends, he speaks.]

Oh man, I can't believe they have it here! Was that awesome, or was that awesome?


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