Apr. 21st, 2012

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[He'd been trying not to show it after that mission to the tower, but Gordon was still a little shaken up. That pale bloated... thing, still haunted his mind, along with the dull remembrance headache of the psychic shockwave it sent through them all at the top of the tower. What the hell was it? Why did the name Advisor spring to his mind so quickly? God, and that thing escaped too. That means it's OUT there somewhere. Who would be able to stand up to it? Even with all their firepower, it still had all of them totally at its mercy. In fact, if it hadn't been for Samus, than Hiroshi would have been...]

[Video, to Hiroshi]

Hey, kid... You doing okay?

[Video, to Samus]

Hey. Thanks again for saving Hiroshi from that Ad--from that overgrown grub back there. You seemed to know what you were doing in that tower better than any one of us. Some of it... ring familiar to you, I guess?

[Video, to Sirocco]

Anyone here ever get the feeling that they might NOT want all their memories back after all?
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Hello, phone network. Have a contemplative but slightly smiling bird.

"I've remembered something from when I was very young," he murmurs. "Well, several things. I recall a...palace, I suppose one could call it, though my memory of it seems to consist of endless flights of stairs. Perhaps it was a tower. It was very richly decorated... I remember a lot of red and gold and jade. A lot of things made from jade. And people. There were a lot of people, but they weren't Pecaocks. Mainly Sheep, Geese... I suspect humans didn't exist where I came from. It was... home. It definitely felt like home." Here he looks a bit puzzled. "And everyone referred to me as 'Prince Shen.'" The smile returns, slightly amused, this time. "Everyone was much larger than I was. I must have been quite small, indeed."

Something about remembering having been itty has put him in a warm mood.

((3% spent on this smattering of childhood.))


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