Jun. 2nd, 2012

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Booster? I think I need to talk with you...

Does the name 'Rubenico' mean anything to you?

((OOC: His last 2% from Booster on the Doomsday and Rubenico stuff.))


Jun. 2nd, 2012 12:13 am
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Hey, uh, I've been remembering some stuff lately like everyone else - an organization called Providence, who gave me a home and a job. I guess...I was alone at the time, aside from them. I don't know why. I ran away for a little while once, and the world was so different from what I remember! It was all so empty - and there were all these monsters, except they weren't really monsters. Something that started with an E. Um, right, EVOs! That was it.

And it was all because of these things - nanites - inside me, inside everything. They did things to people, changing them. I remember a girl with four arms who kidnapped me, and a man who made everyone fall asleep when the nanites turned him into...well, sort of something else. But I could control them somehow, and I guess that was really important. I met an entire town of people who were trying to do the same thing, except it didn't work out in the end.

[She pauses for a moment.]

People have said...people have been getting other people's memories lately, right? So does anybody remember anything like what I'm talking about?

[Rosalia certainly hopes so. While she doesn't hate the world she remembers, a life spent trying to fight monsters to cure them isn't one she wants for herself at all.]
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[There's Klaxons ringing everywhere in the only functioning Jail in the city, as the surviving police station, and even the Justice League HQ got the calls:

Prisoner Escape. Criminal Known as The Joker has blown a hole in the prison wall, the Warden is also missing. Evidence so far concludes the Warden left with The Joker willing.

Anyone who passes by the Jail will get a huge man-shaped hole in the wall, rubble, many other criminals being made to sit in the courtyard with other prison officers watching them as police officers scurry over the scene with equipment.]
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Mokona got some new memories, too!

Mokona was hoping for something exciting or some juicy secrets, but all Mokona remembers is hours and hours of searching through dumpsters. Mokona had hands and fingers in the memory, so it wasn't Mokona's. Not-Mokona looked for some shoes for a long long time, but not-Mokona found them eventually!

They weren't for not-Mokona, though. They were for a girl who'd lost them somehow. Not-Mokona said, "Don't lose them again!" in that kind of voice. Not-Mokona was pretty nice, even if they were all gruff in person!

[That "Don't lose them again" was a pitch-perfect copy of that Yuta kid you may or may not have previously spoken with.]
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okay, so i just remembered a whole bunch of stuff.
if they're actually my memories, then i think my family was really weird.
and also my hometown was haunted or something.
but that's not really important right now.
because i keep hearing people talking about getting back other peoples' memories.
but if that's a thing that can happen, then how do we know that ANY of the memories we've gotten back are legit?


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