Jun. 11th, 2012

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[Most people probably didn't even notice he'd gone missing--he doesn't socialise much, after all. At any rate there he is on the other side of your screens, looking a bit bedraggled and with a bag of ice tied to his head. He's rather annoyed, all told.]

So apparently I was knocked out by a basketball. Does anyone know how that could have happened?
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*Why, it's Ran! She's humming to herself cheerfully; observant folks might notice a familiar white meatbun lounging in her many, many tails as she walks over to the central notice board and begins posting something people may not have seen for a while.*

Return of the Job Board! )

*She looks at her work, satisfied.*

Well, Mokona? How does that look to you?

((OOC: Feel free to claim any of these jobs. If you claim one, start a log anytime you like. Upon completion of the log, report back to this thread; randomly, you may get anemoi, or you may just get something nice. These are just for fun and to help stimulate creativity, so have a blast!))
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[Hector holds up a cord, with a tuning fork danging from it, the handle of it look like coral, and so rough it'd probably cut open the hand of anyone who holds it too tightly]

Found this on my bed, it's mine. It seems like I have some special powers.

[He grins cockily]

This baby helps me focus, buried treasure, people trapped under the rubble, secret passages? Just let me give it a whack and I'll find them in no time flat! Don't think about yoinking it, it only works for me and me alone! I knew I'm not some ordinary person.

((1% on cavity/buried item sensing, 1% on "having a special destiny" - 5% total. Mood is Manic))


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