Jun. 21st, 2012

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It happens not with a bang, but with silence. The nanites arrive to Sirocco completely silent and invisible to all. Nothing really happens. For a dangerous invasion of malfunctioning technology, this is really anti-climactic.

All the same, though, the nanites rapidly spread through the air and infect every living thing. Every animal, plant, and person in the town and beyond will be infected, and they won't even know it.

Unless they turn into an EVO because of them, that is.

Have fun, Sirocco.


Jun. 21st, 2012 12:25 am
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[Mokona is running through the streets, screaming at the top of her lungs. It is not a playful scream. She's being pursued by a swarm of... things. They look sort of like mosquitoes and sort of like severed human heads with oozy appendages all over. They're also about the size of human heads. In other words, twice the size of Mokona. She's pretty fast, but so are they.]

Kyaa~!! Mokona's really scared! Someone come save Mokona!
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[After hearing about the monsters and witnessing Ran's pyrotechnics, Shen went on to see what all the hubbub was about. He's already encountered civilians screaming and running from horrible slime creatures and another one beating a giant bug senseless with an umbrella. In some ways, it looks like someone took 'normal day in Sirocco' and cranked it up to eleven.]

[He rounds the corner and passes a cafe with a giant hole in the wall and is nearly to the end of the block when the wave of dizziness hits him. He staggers and leans against a lamppost. Panting and nauseous, he has maybe a moment to wonder what the hell is happening to him before he blacks out.]

[Instead of falling to the sidewalk like any normal being, however, his senseless form twitches violently and, with a terrible wet cracking and a tearing of fabric, he changes, transforming into a ten-foot-tall monstrosity. Two pairs of sparse, pointy wings beat the air while a third pair curl inward, the claws at the end twitching. The feet develop foot-long talons, the legs bend unnaturally at two pairs of hips, the tail becomes a thrashing, barbed whip. Three glowing red eyes flick open and the beak opens, displaying row upon row of sharp teeth, emitting a horrific, multitoned squawk.]

[This creature that used to be Shen gouges at the sidewalk with its talons as people flee, screaming. Its wings snap outward and it takes to the air. Is it leaving the city?]

[No such luck. It folds its wings and dives, talons outstretched, into a crowd that attempts to scatter. Its shriek can be heard for nearly a mile.]
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This is what I get for daring to mention I was bored, isn't it?

Hey Justice League, there's a bunch of giant monsters rampaging around, furiously humping buildings into rubble. This is supposed to be your thing, isn't it? Get out there and save some fleeing citizens.
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[late at night]

[Hector tosses and turn, pushing a pillow down over his head, trying to block out a weird song in his head from a place dark and old. With a sudden start, he woke up, drenched in sweat, staring out the window.

He got dressed and headed out, wandering about without thinking of where he's going, and ends up spending most of it at the docks. Despite knowing better, he dipped his hands in the sea water and started to drink]


[Hector found himself in the lobby of the Justice League, of course when everyone is out fighting monsters. He huddles, arms around himself, his tongue feel like sandpaper, his skin like salt. it's too... too.

He suddenly lets out a primal scream as energy seem to explode from him as he changed]

[Now There is a giant waterspout visible through out the city whirling in the ruins of the building, spinning wildly as it veers off, leaving a dry, suffocating atmosphere in it's wake]


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