Jun. 24th, 2012

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*By now, word is pretty much out about the nanites in the air. Hell, Montfort had apparently been hit by the effect, which had required him to find a new tank to replace his old one. The little guy might be more capable of being out of water than the average octopus, but he's still an octopus.

Hiroshi, however, has been on edge ever since the word got out. People and creatures, transforming into monsters. Talk about hitting too close to home. He's been trying to distract himself with work, but he's clearly pretty agitated about the situation.

And then, one day looking up information, it happens. A sharp, sudden pain shoots through his whole system like a lance. He grips himself, feeling panic welling. No no no no no...*

S-someone! Anyone! H-help me...!
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[Rudolph had been keeping mostly to himself since the memory switch, Gordon wasn't exaggerating about how bad that memory was.

He was getting back into cataloguing when a fly that had been pestering the doctor had suddenly morphed into something elephant-sized with far too many limbs, eyes, and noodlely appendages. Most of the patrons either ran out screaming or hide under desks]

...The hell?

[Out goes the crossbow, the man firing several shots into the eyes as the fly-monster kept trying to wrap it's tentacles around the patrons only to back away and try to flee from the thing that's causing it pain and tries to force it's body out the door...]


Pardon me, but we have a little problem here, a fly is stuck in the door and it's causing quite a bit of disturbance here.
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[It started with a mild headache. He thought at first that it might just be your regular, run of the mill headache; it was certainly loud enough with all the monsters to warrant one.

But that all changed when the fire nation attacked using his power resulted in something slightly... different. Namely, the chunk of falling debris coming out as something a bit more akin to a box of compacted material.

Which was... a dilemma, since now he couldn't exactly protect people by simply isolating them anymore. But that wasn't quite the end of it.

No, the worst part is the appearance of a giant, white-furred monster sporting some very nasty fangs, huge bat like wings, and a trademark pompom. And Yuta's pretty sure he knows the one moogle in town, meaning...



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