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"A dog's paw smells aromatic."

[A man with curly white hair and bored-looking eyes, wearing a white kimono hanging off one shoulder and black high-collar shirt and black pants and boots, leaves the Lab with his new smartphone, fiddling with it and turning it on when all of the sudden--]

. . .

I can smell dog breath.

Why do I smell-- Oh, my head's inside of something's mouth. That would explain the lack of light, and also the teeth digging into my shoulders.

Wait... Why dog breath? Dogs aren't this big. Not even wolves are this big, or this heavy. Eh? What is this? This can't be a dog.

[After another pause, he screams bloody murder.

The connection cuts out.

...But later that same day, Gintoki can be seen running through the theme park, followed close behind by a gigantic 660 pound, 5 1/2 feet tall white fuzzy dog, tongue flying out its mouth and white tail swishing behind it like it's having the best time of its life.

The man is not.]


[He tries hiding behind tents and booths but the thing always finds him, giving a cute little "BARK" whenever he catches up. Gintoki will likely run out of steam after a couple hours and just give up trying to escape, at which point he simply continues wandering the theme park, large dog following behind him like it's afraid to let him out of its sight.

The man seems to be trying out all the games and trying all the food as if searching for something. He stands in front of the rollercoasters and watches people riding them, but doesn't get on, himself.]
. . .

[[ OOC NOTE:: dunno what I was thinking not saying something when I was first posting this haha-- JUST FYI, this big dog is basically a in every way, and it has a hobby of eating peoples' heads and arms and things sometimes sort of. You are all its chew toys. The characters in Gintama are never permanently harmed due to it, but if your character is a meatier, stronger type, Sadaharu might play rougher because YOU CAN PUT UP WITH SOME BLOOD LOSS AND DEAL, RIGHT? RIGHT? So, small children and people who can't deal with extremely strong and rowdy pets might want to keep a short physical distance - that doesn't mean you shouldn't tag though~! Gintoki can keep him at bay for ya as long as you keep yer head on.]]

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[Well, that was new. ...Lawfer isn't nearly as surprised to see a 5' dog as he ought to be, but he'll watch with some interest as Gintoki and his giant dog go racing past.]

...A thousand pardons. Far be it for me to interfere with your exercise routine, but I would be remiss if I did not suggest that the beast's owner is already known.

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'Nathan's Incredimazing Corn Dogs' are on the other side of the park.

But given his behavior, take into consideration that he may consider you his master.

Is that Sadaharu did he bring Sadaharu with him OH MY GOD

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[Jr. stands by, watching the man and the huge dog while eating cotton candy.]


...My god he is SO not going to fit into their room what are they gonna do XD XD XD

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No thanks. Besides, looks like he's pretty attached to you.

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[Pointing from the sidelines.]

Look, look~

It's a parade! It's a two-man parade!

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Mokona isn't a fairy! Probably~ Mokona is Mokona!

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That one of the park mascots or something? He's following you around like you owe him money or something.

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Wha -- why the hell are you trying to pawn it off on ME?! Do you even own it to sell it?!

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Giant dog, huh? Do you mean this one?

[Danny points behind him with one finger to the dog who is currently consuming him from the waist down.]

pretend he's in ghost form in this icon

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Oh, yeah. I actually barely felt anything, come to think...of...

[Danny just looked back at his own legs and notices that they are so faint that they're almost invisible.]


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I'm afraid I don't know who his owner is... [a frown flickers across her face, but it doesn't last long because OMG DOGGIE *u*] Oh, but he's so cute!

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Oh, no, I couldn't possibly...! He looks like he's very attached to you, sir. Are you sure he isn't yours?

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So did you need help, or have you decided to take care of the dog yourself?

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No, I don't think I'll help you take care of your pet. Just try not to get eaten.