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[When he makes the post, Valvatorez is standing on top of the ferris wheel, cape blowing dramatically in the wind, overlooking the city of Scirocco, at night.]

[Hey, even if you have no memories, some habits are built into the blood.]

It would appear that I have lost all my memories and been transported here. It would also appear that I'm far from the first person this has happened to.

However! I'm not going to let something this mundane get me down. What's the point? The problem won't go away just because I'm fretting about it. Therefore instead of wasting my time contemplating my dilemma, I shall introduce myself!

I am Valvatorez.


You know, introductions have a lot less impact when you don't remember anything other than your name.

In person

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[Joachim has elected to ride the wheel in a slightly more socially acceptable fashion after last night's fiasco, but the sound of someone chatting up there has him swinging out of the car.]

Aha! I knew I couldn't be the only one!

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The only one with this kind of affinity for heights! What else?

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Just don't let anyone see you. They tend to overreact for some reason.

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They all seemed to think it should be obvious. Maybe it's a local custom.

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You blend in enough that you might be able to pull it off without being noticed...

Valvatorez, was it?

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[Are handshakes a thing in the Netherworld? Because if they aren't then he's looking like a bit of an idiot with his arm out like that.]

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You might have thought that through before getting up there.

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A man finds a grand pedestal on which to make an important speech, then finds he has nothing to say. What would you think of someone like that?

Of course, there's also the fact that you might fall, but I'm sure you already factored that in.

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Not terribly surprising. Still, you're making yourself look like a fool.

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[When the voice starts speaking out of his pocket, Lawfer is rightfully concerned, considering the trouble he had had with his television the previous night. The words of the agents come back to him, though - this was a device for communicating long distance with others in the same situation as himself.]


...This is meant to be an image of you? You are standing atop the large wheel?

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...I hope you do not expect anyone to come to your rescue. I am Lawfer, the indistinguishable figure approximately 200 feet north of your position.

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Then you have excellent eyesight. I would not have even known there was a man atop the ride.

...Why, if I may ask, are you there?

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...That desire had crossed my mind.

It did not, however, coincide with the thought, 'I ought to scale the treacherous moving wheel, likely not meant for climbing, in order to satisfy this pressing need.'

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Then let us hope you meet little difficulty on the way down.

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...An honor to meet you then, Sir Valvatorez. Try not to hurt yourself.

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Okay, could somebody tell me when the top of the freaking Ferris Wheel became the happening place to be?

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No, but it's not really a safe place to be standing. Not to mention, you know, it's meant to be rode on, not STOOD on.

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Ho -- holy -- ! Oi! OI!


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I... guess not? how the hell did you do that without breaking your everything?

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Yet you went and did it without even thinking about it?

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That's some confidence you got there.

*Of course, if Kotetsu remembered a few choice things, he'd remember that in the right state it wouldn't be much for him either...*

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No kidding. Ending up a splat on the ground's a hell of a way to introduce yourself to a place.