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[Danny had originally been dressed for Halloween as a shoddily thrown together version of an astronaut, wearing a baggy white suit with a fishbowl on his head. But his costume has now been changed and he is currently dressed as this fine young lady. Complete with his hair tied in pigtails.

He has been spending the last fifteen minutes trying to contort himself every which way to reach over to wherever the zipper may be on this dress so that he can at least try to get out of it and save some face.]

Why--can't I--where is it?! Augh!

[This is obviously a cue for anyone and everyone to come up and laugh at him.]

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[... And cue laughter from Haruhi]

What are you wearing? Is that supposed to be a magical girl outfit?

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Do you have extra clothes? [This is a bad idea, at least- to let Haruhi try to help.]

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[There is a small penguin ( rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically.]

Nice costume, dood!

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No, really! I think it brings out your really pretty eyes.

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I'm surprised to see how comfortable you are with this sort of thing. It's good to be young and have confidence.