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I'm curious. Of all the slow trickle of memories we've been recovering, who among us has remembered his or her parents? Aside from a strange dream I've been having lately, the first thing that came back to me was what kind of man my father was. Not a name or anything of the sort, just that I admired him a great deal... I wanted to carry out his dream for him, not caring that he had failed to grasp it himself. I suppose such naivete is natural for a child. Ideals, even those that are possible, can't simply be inherited.

...Excuse me. I shouldn't treat these communications as a diary. Still, the question stands; perhaps it's information we could bond over, as long as we're trapped together.

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Guess I'm in the same boat. What kind of ideals are we talking?

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Please tell me that's just some weird occupation title.

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Oh geez, literally. That's... how do you even imagine something like that?

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I did! ...Well, sort of. I remembered I don't have any.

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It's not that bad. Me and Porom'll look out for each other. And we have the Elder, too, I guess.

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What about the ideals you hold to now?

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I don't know yet. I haven't thought too much about it, and I don't remember thinking about it, either.

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I don't know a thing about my birth parents, but I do remember the family that took me in.

I don't remember a great deal about them, but it seems like they're the reason I decided to become a hero.
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It's only natural to remember something as significant as a parent that played a major part in your life. [ Spoken as a know-it-all. ] If you don't want to talk to a stupid machine, you can always walk down the hallway to my room. I wouldn't mind it terribly. You'd bring something to eat with you too, right?

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I have remembered a bit about my father.