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...Hey. I went to the ruins recently, and...

[Is that a moogle in the background?]

--And anyway, we saw... things in there. Blue things. No matter what we tried, all we could do was slow them down. And we tried a lot. They could break out of my isolation, and lightning would only stun them.


One of them... I think he was this guy's friend.

[He nudges the communicator over. Yes, that's definitely a moogle. It appears to be quietly sniffling on Yuta's bed.]

It looked just like him at first, but when we tried to talk to it, it turned into one of those things and started chasing us.

[He takes a deep breath. Frankly, he'd wanted to put those things from his mind once he was done with the place, but after watching his new friend cry for a while, he'd come to a different decision on the matter.]

If anyone here knows anything about them, please tell me. Thanks.
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*That, sir, is a hella quick response.*

What kind of blue things.
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If it turned into one of them, that means it must have already died at some point while it was there. Possibly by one of the other ones, but I couldn't say for certain. There wasn't anything you could do for it at that point.
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Become one. It doesn't matter how you died.
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*He doesn't reply, but you definitely get the impression he agrees with you.*

You saw one of the alternate ones too, it sounds like. They're not restricted by a single form, I've noticed.
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That would be the short, flat one. Thankfully, it doesn't particularly specialize in TURNING.
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Once. Back home. I only ever saw it once though.
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*He nods.*

I'm not sure why they're here. I have a theory that perhaps new arrivals bring creatures from their homeworlds with them, but without knowing if anybody's recognized any creatures from their worlds, I cannot confirm it.
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It might be worth a shot. I admit I haven't exactly done a lot of outreach on this yet.

*Maybe partly because he's not sure he wants to know if he's WRONG.*
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Let me know if you do. This may be vital to my research.
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Yeah. I ran into them in this old abandoned building a few weeks ago with some other people. We couldn't do anything to them--we were just lucky we outran them.
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We managed to hide and hold them off with, like, holding the doors tight, but none of our powers really did anything to them. They just kept moving through them like nothing really happened.
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Well, I know Palom tried to use some magic on them, but it didn't do anything. Maybe it's only blocked by something physical? I don't know, none of us were exactly looking to go punch it.
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...what happened?
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[Danny spends a while silent, trying to absorb this and work out how to respond.]

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They're spreading now, are they?
How iiiiiiiinteresting.
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Re: [text]

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I had only seen them in one hive8lock! It sounds like the 8lue8easts are populating more of the w8stes now.
I wonder how long it will t8ke them to try to move into Sirocco? :::;)
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Just try to think like th8y would!
You can live in a 8unch of shattered, a8andoned hives, or you can live in the lap of luxury riiiiiiiight next door.
Which would you choose?
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I already have a gr8 idea for how to stop them!
8ut I cannot do it alone. I will need the Hiroshi human.