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[Marona looks unusually subdued today. Though her hands aren't visible in the video, judging by the movements of her arms, she's fidgeting somewhat.

Okay, deep breath. While she doesn't particularly want to talk about it, she can't help but think that it's only fair for the others to know.

I... remembered some things about home.

[Another pause. It's now or never.]

I think... most people didn't like me there very much. I have a power, Chartreuse Gale, and it lets me see and talk to Phantoms. But people don't understand it, so they think I'm possessed, and that the Phantoms are just telling me what to do so I can trick them.

[She hangs her head.]

That's... that's not true at all, though! There are very nice Phantoms out there. But normal people can't see them, so they don't understand.

[She falls into an uncomfortable silence for a moment.]

That's all I wanted to say. Um, if you think it's creepy, then... That's okay, too. I just wanted everyone to know.

[She quickly ends the feed.]

((OOC: 4% on her daily life.))
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[Action at the park]

[Much like everyone else, Marona has run into some trouble with the local super villains! Today's offender is an older woman in a red mask and a very flamboyant stage outfit. All Marona has to defend herself with is... a flower?]

Mwahahahaha! That's right little girl; run while you can! The Madame de Masque will show you no mercy!

Please... can't we just talk this out?

Madame de Masque has no need for talk! Have at you!

[The woman charges at Marona, who gives a short yelp as she holds out the flower. As if that would help, right?

As a matter of fact, it does. Because just before the woman can reach the young girl, she is swept up by a short gust of wind filled with flower petals. The spell drops her on the ground in a daze, and Marona peers over her flower at the woman.

...Did that do it?

((OOC: 2% on item skills!))
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[Have a video feed. Danny looks away from the camera for a few moments before slowly focusing his gaze on the camera.]

So, um... I have a few questions for whoever can answer them.

What do you do if your parents hate the thing you are, but they don't know that...well, that that you are that thing?

[He pauses for a while, eyes focused off-screen again.]

Also...does anyone else have annoying siblings? What do you do with them? Or, well, did, I guess, since I don't think anyone's brother or sister is here.

Uh, yeah.

That's all I'm wondering about, really, for right now.

((OOC: 3% on general middle/high school era life, pre-accident. 1.4% remaining, 24.1% total regain.))
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How do you report vandalism? Especially if you know who did it.

[It's worth noting that in what can be seen of the background, Yuta's room appears to be covered in... paint. Lots and lots of paint. Also, words. Is that "ugly" in lime green back there?]
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[Audio -- Filtered from Kaguya]

I'm sorry, but I have...a matter that I've been dwelling on for the past three weeks, and I still haven't been able to figure it out. I would appreciate it if someone, particularly someone who is well versed in these sorts of issues, could help me resolve it.

You see, a good friend of mine here...asked me out on a date. On Valentine's Day. One that she seemed to enjoy very much. And due to, er...circumstances regarding said date, I ended up promising her a second date to a location of my choosing.

Thus, I am...trying to sort out my own feelings on this issue. I believe she has feelings for me based on her actions, and I need to determine how I feel about her so I can resolve the matter, one way or another. Would anyone have any advice on what to look for or how to interpret it?

[Audio -- Filtered to Kaguya]

Kaguya, I have found the restaurant I would like to take you to. Is there any particular day that you would like to go?
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*Tsuruya surveys the landscape around her. Green goop, as far as the eye can see. She looks down over the edge from the top of the Ermis Suites. It's down there too.


There's a slow smile that spreads on her face. Then she turns around, spreads her arms wide, and... falls. Backwards.


About thirty seconds later, she bounces back up, laughing her ass off as she lands neatly back on the top of the building. And then springs even higher from the green stuff there.

SOMEBODY'S enjoying herself.*


Mar. 1st, 2012 01:15 am
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[Danny appears on the screen with a giant glop of green goo in his hair. It looks suspiciously like the ectoplasm he can (and has) created with his bare hands.]

Okay, let me just say: this? [He waves his hands at all the goo he's covered in.] Totally not me. I didn't do any of this. This is not my fault.

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*The building's surrounded! The Justice League is currently handling this situation. The robbers had attempted to hold the tellers hostage, but hadn't counted on Wild Tiger being there to intercept! Thing is, though. on the way over, he got covered with this weird green stuff. It can't be too much of an issu --

Whoa, there he goes, getting catapulted out through one of the walls backwards! Those robbers must have one heck of a punch -- wait, now he's bouncing off the building on the other side of the street, and flinging right back into the building. It sounds like total mayhem in there! What could possibly --*


*He, uh, appears to be bouncing around in the building. Everywhere.*

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[Dave has braved the rain of goo in his typical ironic rap-ninja fashion for a series of incomprehensible errands. He's gone to look at a super sleek motorcycle of some kind, Kotetsu's powersuit, A series of enormous, expensive speaker systems, and...toothbrushes?

After this he makes his way to the roof of the Ermis Suite, clears the slime off of it, and turns it on. He then goes on to produce a box of brightly colored, glowing toothbrushes that have a high speed motor that does unclear things while it's on and a built in sound system that plays music whenever you brush your teeth.]


Who wants a ridiculous, tricked out, high octane toothbrush?

((1% spent on how to use the Alchemiter))


Feb. 5th, 2012 12:27 am
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Hey, everybody! I've got an announcement to make and a question to ask.

The announcement is that the shop I've been trying to set up will be opening soon! Watch out for it, okay guys? It's going to be named "New Roots." We'll be selling flowers and some produce, and a few other things for anybody who might be interested in gardening. It'll be open on business in a little over a week, on Valentine's Day. So if you want to do something special that day, we'd love to help you out!

And thanks a lot to Mokona and Jaime and Ruby and everybody else who's helped me out with this! I could never had done it without all of you.

Now for the question.

[There's a very slight hesitation before she continues talking, never losing her cheerful attitude.]

Does anyone know how to schedule something with a doctor? For a check-up, or anything like that. I just thought maybe it'd be a good idea to get one. Anyway, that's about it--thanks, everyone, and have a good day!

(2% spent on the nature of her blood, 2% spent on her dad's profession/studies.)

Always him

Feb. 4th, 2012 01:15 pm
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[1 - Before]

Hmmmm...I wish these things came with instructions.

[Guess who can be found sitting on the steps of the apartments, messing with his shoes? He remembered getting them as a gift and that they do something but not what or how to actually make them work. So here he is. Offer a suggestion?]

[2 - After]


[They worked! Now Ruby can run super fast. Unfortunately, he forgot that he doesn't know how to make them stop. So he can be seen zipping through town, yelling his head off for someone to help him. Help, or be a hit-and-run victim?]
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Attention Sirocco, vital fucking information was just recalled here.

These sunglasses were once worn by Ben Stiller on the set for Starsky and Hutch.

That is all, continue with your day as normal.

[1% spent on a certain letter Dave received along with the sunglasses.]
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*Tsuruya is, as always, cheerful to everybody, but there's a bit of a wistful edge to it as of late. She's been a little quieter too, less boisterous. Still, she's not a moper, and for the most part she keeps herself entertained.

She seems to have remembered her caligraphy lessons; here she is in front of some paper, an ink well and brush at hand. But she seems to be having a bit of writers block. At least, you think that's why she's staring off blankly into the distance. Maybe you can provide the cheerleader some cheerleading of your own.

Or ask if she knows how to write "penis" in calligraphy. You mature person you.*
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[It was raining down by the waterfront. This is only worth mentioning because it was only raining over a city block and a bit of the harbor. Thankfully, the new arrival was mostly under awnings. Mostly. The legs of his pants were pretty wet.]

Strange. This place isn't very familiar. I'm forgetting something, but what? ...must not be my day, I can barely remember my own name. No wallet, no identification, no information.

[As he starts to wander around town, he starts to look distracted. Like he's thinking through an argument, or thinking of things he can't really understand. When he gives himself a reprieve, he might stop to ask someone nearby:]

Sorry if this sounds strange, but you wouldn't happen to recognize me, would you?
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[Satori flips on the phone and angles the camera so her third eye is hidden from view. However, the yellow tendril attached to the side of her head is clearly visible. Also visible is the pet store behind her.

Without bothering to introduce herself (WHAT ARE SOCIAL SKILLS), she asks in a flat tone:]

Are pets allowed at the hotel?
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[Booster's been in Sirocco more than long enough to have a favorite coffee shop, and it's definitely a place he can frequently be spotted. So frequently, in fact, that one might wonder if he's trying to figure out how much caffeine it takes to kill a person firsthand. So it's probably not terribly surprising to spot him dozing off at a corner table, though it's anyone's guess if it's Vriska's doing or just too little sleep and too much coffee catching up with him.

He suddenly jolts awake with a strangled yell, looking around wildly for a moment before he apparently realizes where he is and calms down a little, though he certainly still doesn't look happy about it. No wonder he goes so heavy on the coffee.

[video; filtered to JLS members]

You all noticed the job about penguin marauders with an eye for expensive fish or whatever it was on the recent job board, right? Any volunteers for taking care of that?
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Dave was napping, not because of bizarre alien busybodies, but just because it's a boring day and he was tired. Suddenly he sat up as if remembering something.

"Oh good..."

And then he was nodding off again.

[1% spent on Dave's full name. 7% remaining]
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Hey, has anyone seen Kyon around? He's my roommate, but I haven't seen him in a while, and I'm getting kinda worried. Does anyone know if he's okay? It's like he just...vanished, as far as I can tell.

Especially since his cat--I think his name is Shamwow--is starting to get really antsy without him. Anyone know how to take care of a cat?

((OOC: 0.6% on King Tuck, 0.8% on Doctor's Disorders, 0.5% on Teacher of the Year, 0.4% on Fright Knight, 0.4% Attack of the Killer Garage Sale, 0.5% Life Lessons. 3.2% regain, 4.9% remaining.))
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[Mokona's dozed off in the bath, thanks to a certain someone's mental manipul8tions. Fortunately, she typically bathes in a doll-sized inner tube for double the fun and is in no danger of drowning. Unfortunately, the tap was on and the entire third floor is being slowly but surely MEGASWAMPED, starting with the rooms closest to Mokona's. Also 326 is locked for once.]

[OOC: This is another free-for-all post like Vriska's because Mokona is too busy being asleep to react to anything but someone coming in to halt the chaos and that could get repetitive fast. Panic with your roommates? Bitch to your associates? Start cleaning? Point and laugh from floor four? Get to the bottom of all this? The post is your oyster.]


Jan. 14th, 2012 02:17 pm
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[This city... ponderous. Inefficient. Like a tamer version of the Corrupterment he now remembers.]

[At this rate, nothing will change... people's crawl towards total recall will never accelerate. The world beyond Sirocco will never be explored. The key to returning home will never be unlocked.]

[What Sirocco needs... a leader.]

Hear me, fellow exiles!

We have come from many worlds, united by a single purpose. However, we have failed to pool our resources in any proactive way towards recovering our homes and our memories. To this and, let a new reign take leadership in this land!

I will now be running for President of Sirocco. Let the Evilection begin!


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