longstreakofnothing: (Brilliant!)
Theta Sigma ([personal profile] longstreakofnothing) wrote in [community profile] anemoi2012-06-19 11:44 pm

welp, there goes the neighbourhood.


Allo, everyone! Ooo, I like this phone thing, 's very... friendly. Friendly phone! Anyway, I'm Theta Sigma, nice to meet you all, I'm moving into rooooooooooooom... [he digs a piece of paper out of his longcoat pocket and shakes it out with one hand.] three-seventeen. Anyone want to stop'round, say, hullo, feel free!


[Someone's setting up in Room 317, even though he hasn't got any belongings. He is, however, very meticulously moving the furniture about. The door's open and he occasionally tosses something out through it only to come back for it a few minutes later. Say hi?]

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