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[Gordon had, with carefully-chosen wording, told the fussier medical technicians to screw off when they insisted he should rest after that stint as a tentacle monster. He wasn't going to stop now.]

[It took another night's worth of work between him and Ran, reverse-engineering, coding, sending the prototype signal down to specimen analysis, testing it against a colony of nanites, relaying results, tweaking the signal, sending it back to be tested, over and over again. But finally it worked; the nanite colony shriveled at the dull thrum broadcasted to them in the padded, makeshift soundproof room.]

[Meanwhile the radio tower they'd installed had to be modified, the output strengthened, band narrowed. Mordin handled that, and adeptly. By mid-morning the next day everything was ready. There was no pomp and circumstance, no special little phone signal. They just sent the signal... and watched as the new crop of EVO's slowly collapsed into inert heaps of primordial ooze and confused people.]

[...THEN, he sends a phone broadcast.]


Huh, whaddiya know... We did it. We've sent out a signal that completely deactivated all active nanites in a twenty-mile radius! All those EVO's should now be reverting to normal! Now before anyone starts to celebrate remember that there are still damaged buildings and structures out there; make sure everyone is safe before you do anything else.

[Video to JLS]

Okay, guys. Just how bad is the damage this time around?


[The scientists are finally leaving the Labs, tired, shambling, and even more disheveled than usual. Gordon is among them, looking exhausted and pale himself but still standing a few inches taller than his wilted counterparts. Still, if anyone needs to speak to him about this whole thing, now's the time to do it.]

((This marks the end of the EVO event, but backtagging is encouraged! Have fun beating up monsters!))

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