Jan. 4th, 2012

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[ When this video feed turns on, you can see a pretty lady with long, white hard standing with a small smile around the city. It's clearly a new face since it's the first time she does something like this, so she looks quite excited that this is recording. ]

Ah, it looks like it's on!
Many things have happened here, and many memories seems to be lost, but I'm sure I'll remember them soon.

I'm Irisviel, and I'm really happy to meet you all. Even if I don't remember too much from my own past, I hope we can help each other here.

[ There's a small pause. ]

And I think I'm lost. This city is so big...!

[ The Irisviel you tried to contact seems to be lost in the city. Help her before she gets a car. ]
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Because of the moon falling, Mokona's a little late with the job board this time! For everyone new, this is Mokona's job. Mokona finds out "irregular" things that people want done and then tells everybody else. Some of them are hard, but some of them are things that everyone can do.

Helping People Jobs

- There's a lot of snow around now! It's not very exciting, but we need people to sweep it up off the sidewalks and driveways. We also need people to sweep it off roofs so they don't fall in, which is a little more exciting, but easier to get hurt doing.

- Someone's wedding ring fell in the sewer! Pretty gross, huh? Anyway, they need someone small with a bad sense of smell to go in and get it for them. Most of the drains where it might be are big enough for someone short to stand up in, but anyone big would have to crawl. If you really need money, you can do it, but it could be really gross.

Scary Jobs

- The bears were getting pretty worked up a while back. A few of them even chased a boy up a tree. It's cold enough for bears to start going to sleep, which is good. But one of them decided that the best place to sleep in the winter is Farmer Murphy's goat shed, which isn't so good, because now the goats are too scared to go inside.

- A gang of peg-legged penguins with swords came and stole Mr. Yamanaka's beautiful prize tropical fish. He wants his fish back and the thieves punished. This might be a job for the "heroes" but he's worried enough about his fish that he's okay with going "freelance".

Big Jobs

- We really are getting a lot of weird monsters around! Someone in town wants to put together a helpful book about them, but some of them are trouble and she says she's too busy to do everything herself.

There's a lot of monsters and animals, so the pay depends on how much "info" you can bring back.
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[Yuta looks... shaken. And judging by that ominously red-stained cloth he's holding up to the side of his forehead, he has a fairly good reason to be.]

...So I slipped. I think... I hit my head on the edge of the sidewalk. It happened so fast, and I was dizzy, and there was a lot of blood-

[There is a pause. He's still trying to sort all of this out.]

Anyway, some people saw it happen and came to help. They got me to the hospital somehow-- I don't remember too well - but something was weird.

[He slowly lowers the cloth. The wound is highly visible, but not what you would expect from one having been inflicted not too long ago. In fact, it looks reasonably well on the way to recovery. There are no signs of stitches, and yet it has not only stopped bleeding but also begun to heal somewhat.]

...Do people... usually heal faster here?


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