Jan. 14th, 2012

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[Oh hey look it's this jackass on the video feed again. Anyone familiar with Gilbert and his obnoxious ways will definitely recognize the dumbass with the red eyes and giant grin, whose face is currently taking up the entire camera.]

Heeeeeeey inhabitants of Sirocco! I just realized something! I haven't introduced you all to someone very important!

[The camera zooms out. There is a baby chick on Gilbert's head.]

This is Gilbird! He's almost as awesome as I am, so of course he's named after me. He's also the cutest little bird ever, isn't he?

Piyo piyo!

Kesesese, cutest ever!

((No, he didn't use any of his memories on Gilbird's name. He. Seriously came up with 'Gilbird' again on his own.))


Jan. 14th, 2012 02:17 pm
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[This city... ponderous. Inefficient. Like a tamer version of the Corrupterment he now remembers.]

[At this rate, nothing will change... people's crawl towards total recall will never accelerate. The world beyond Sirocco will never be explored. The key to returning home will never be unlocked.]

[What Sirocco needs...

...is a leader.]

Hear me, fellow exiles!

We have come from many worlds, united by a single purpose. However, we have failed to pool our resources in any proactive way towards recovering our homes and our memories. To this and, let a new reign take leadership in this land!

I will now be running for President of Sirocco. Let the Evilection begin!


Jan. 14th, 2012 02:43 pm
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[This isn't really a post! It's a post jumpstarter.]

[You see, Vriska just remembered about her psychic powers, and is immediately setting about testing them. What does this mean for you? It means she's going to be trying to put people to sleep.]

[Anyone, especially people Vriska knows, might suddenly feel a wave of fatigue wash over them. Or they might suddenly be out like a light. This especially happens at awkward, hilarious, or potentially dangerous moments. What is the result of this? You, the reader, can decide, and you alone. And a certain Karkat might suddenly punch himself in the face for no reason.]

[So, either play wacky narcolepsy threads out in the comments, use them for OOC plotting of wacky sleep antics, or even make your own posts????? I don't know, I'm making this up as I go along.]

[This is probably a good time to re-link Vriska's Permissions Post.]
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[Mokona's dozed off in the bath, thanks to a certain someone's mental manipul8tions. Fortunately, she typically bathes in a doll-sized inner tube for double the fun and is in no danger of drowning. Unfortunately, the tap was on and the entire third floor is being slowly but surely MEGASWAMPED, starting with the rooms closest to Mokona's. Also 326 is locked for once.]

[OOC: This is another free-for-all post like Vriska's because Mokona is too busy being asleep to react to anything but someone coming in to halt the chaos and that could get repetitive fast. Panic with your roommates? Bitch to your associates? Start cleaning? Point and laugh from floor four? Get to the bottom of all this? The post is your oyster.]
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[With a yawn, a sleepy Shampoo tried to wander back from grocery shopping. It was quite strange to her for being this tired. She's pretty sure she gotten the right amount of beauty sleep and it wasn't as if she did anything that would cause her this much fatigue. Walking on will power alone, the Chinese girl made it back to the entrance of the suites. Not inside the building, not right in front either.

Shampoo's mind conked out with her in the middle of the doorway. Funny enough, her body was still standing straight up and holding onto her grocery bags.

Those trying to get in or out through this certain doorway will find her blocking their way. Perhaps a nice or frustrated person would try to wake her up so that she could move aside. But word of warning, she tends to sleepwalk and/or sleepfight.


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