Jan. 17th, 2012

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WHO: Hiroshi, Dave, Mokona, and Shampoo
WHAT: let's investigate some weird noises, surely nothing bad will happen.
WHEN: 1/17
WHERE: An abandoned park in Sirocco
NOTE: spooky spooky woods, 2% anemoi prize.

Absolutely nothing spooky at all )

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Also texted to other Hotel residents )


*It occurs to Hiroshi after the forest expedition that it would help for him to start carrying a few more useful tools around with him, which is why he's currently shopping around for various small but useful things. A lighter, for instance. Also shoelaces, since his own shoelace got somewhat damaged in the frantic attempt to catch the damn tree on fire. Feel free to engage him and ask him about what he's buying. ...there are no piston engines, though.*
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[ Hello, Anemoi. Look at your device, now back to this video, now back to device, now back to the video. Sadly, it's not your video, but if you stopped a moment to admire Irisviel and her horrible ridding skills, it could be your video.

Look down, now back up. Where is she? She's is the amazing farm with the horse of your dreams. What's in your hand? Back at her. She has it. It's the reins of the horse that you want to ride. Look again. The reins are now screams of excitement and horror from the horse.

Anything is possible when Irisviel is in a farm and not in the city. ]

I'm on a horse!

[ Yes, this is Irisviel attempting to ride a horse at the highest speed possible that it should be illegal. ]

This is so much fun! Everyone should try it. Kyaa! [ She orders the horse to stop for a moment, so she could speak calmly. And secretly, the horse is grateful for this. ]

I remembered the face of a small child being carried in the arms of a man. They were so happy that my hearts feels so warm. I'm looking forward to remember more of it.

[ Ilya's and Kiritsugu's memories are at 1%! ]


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