Jan. 20th, 2012

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WHO: Nero, Arturia, and Irisviel
WHAT: Irisviel is going to teach the "twins" how to ride horseback.
WHERE: A farm.
WARNING: Irisviel is teaching Nero and Arturia how to ride a horse. Does this really need any more warning than that?

There's not enough Monty Python jokes in the world.... )
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...Hey. I went to the ruins recently, and...

[Is that a moogle in the background?]

--And anyway, we saw... things in there. Blue things. No matter what we tried, all we could do was slow them down. And we tried a lot. They could break out of my isolation, and lightning would only stun them.


One of them... I think he was this guy's friend.

[He nudges the communicator over. Yes, that's definitely a moogle. It appears to be quietly sniffling on Yuta's bed.]

It looked just like him at first, but when we tried to talk to it, it turned into one of those things and started chasing us.

[He takes a deep breath. Frankly, he'd wanted to put those things from his mind once he was done with the place, but after watching his new friend cry for a while, he'd come to a different decision on the matter.]

If anyone here knows anything about them, please tell me. Thanks.
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WHO: Ky, Jaime, Yuta.
WHERE: Some Grecian style ruins.
WHAT: Within the ruins of a great civilization, something horrible has claimed it as home...
WHEN: January 20
TOTAL GAINS: 3% Anemoi per person; 1 pet moogle; a metric ton of mental scars.

Just when you thought it was safe to raid a temple...

Note: As of this log, more Onis are going to be reported as sighted in various ruins around the area. You may or may not choose to play out some of these scenarios yourself.


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