Jan. 29th, 2012

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[Well there's all sorts of people who find themselves in Sirocco with out a scrap of memory to figure things out. However, one probably did not expect to see a Pince-nez set on a bill, or a Duck in a nice top hat]

Well, this is certainly a grand little 'phone'! Too bad 'tis all I got of note. So now that this thin's on. A-hem! I am Scrooge, and I seem to be sufferin' from some sort of amnesia, so those lads at the lab say.

[...That's quite a scottish burr right there]

Does anyone know where exactly this Sirocco is or why we are stuck here?
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[It's not often that Jaime uses the video function, if at all, but when he does? He seems pretty darn ticked off about something:]

So I WAS going to ask if people had experience with technology - specifically futuristic or alien tech - but I think I'll have to put that one on the backburner. Guys? Quick question here: say you remembered you were dating someone.

But you're not sure if you even wanted to date this someone in the first place. How the heck would you even go about it? Break it up? Pretend it doesn't exist? Try to block it out with those weird blue-things I saw about a week ago?

... Seriously. Those weird things are actually just as scary as this memory. I hear they're out and about, so be careful, and y'all? If you run into 'em, just run and get the crap outta there.

[action, private to Booster]

[There's a rather loud knock on Booster's door. Jaime's not too sure if he came at a bad time, even though he sent a couple of messages in advance, but... he figured news like this should be said aloud.]

[ooc | 3% memory regain! Jaime remembers most of the events of Infinite Crisis (which, for the sake of this post, boils down to "Booster kidnapped Jaime from his bedroom in the middle of the night") as well as some of the events in the second issue of Blue Beetle.

(He also remembers what the Scarab is and that it talks to him, but he's been pretty quiet about that.)]
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*Tsuruya is, as always, cheerful to everybody, but there's a bit of a wistful edge to it as of late. She's been a little quieter too, less boisterous. Still, she's not a moper, and for the most part she keeps herself entertained.

She seems to have remembered her caligraphy lessons; here she is in front of some paper, an ink well and brush at hand. But she seems to be having a bit of writers block. At least, you think that's why she's staring off blankly into the distance. Maybe you can provide the cheerleader some cheerleading of your own.

Or ask if she knows how to write "penis" in calligraphy. You mature person you.*


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