Feb. 1st, 2012

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Attention Sirocco, vital fucking information was just recalled here.

These sunglasses were once worn by Ben Stiller on the set for Starsky and Hutch.

That is all, continue with your day as normal.

[1% spent on a certain letter Dave received along with the sunglasses.]
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[Valvatorez looms dramatically atop City Hall. For those in the area, his dramatic speech is audible from the streets. For the rest of you, a video feed is also available.]

Hear me, exiles of Sirocco!

I have studied in the ways of your people, and I will follow them myself. Thusly, my presidency will be decided not by an evilection, but by an election!

I, Presidential Candidate Valvatorez, am joining this presidential race as the sole representative of the Hades Party. Once elected, I shall unify the exiled wanderers of Sirocco towards greater purpose, total memory recall, and ultimately the uncovering of the Truth!

Great expeditions shall be made to forge deeper into the dark country beyond the city, to uncover secrets and tame the lands beyond our borders! Volunteers will be organized from the strong to liberate Anemoi and distribute them amongst the weak! If necessary, I shall oppose the very Gods themselves in my quest for freedom, truth and justice!

So vote for me, if you desire a world no longer ruled by ignorance. If you oppose my views, then I will welcome you as a rival electoral candidate! Come at me, brothers!


Feb. 1st, 2012 06:39 pm
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[More sky footage. Video posts from Rin are like a screensaver.]

Painting hard. I spend all day trying, and it didn't work. I remember how to paint, but not how I paint. I just keep looking and thinking and nothing comes out.

You know how they say that all you need to do to carve a sculpture of an elephant is cut out all the stone that isn't elephant? You can't do that with painting. It's addition, not subtraction. Which is supposed to be harder, addition or subtraction? I'm not very good at math.

Not sure how I feel about remembering things. It all feels fake, like it happened to someone else. And it did, really. It happened to past me, who is a different person from present me. I think. I don't really know who present me is, so I could be wrong.

I'm basically just saying whatever comes to mind at this point, and hoping that I happen to say something insightful, but I don't think it's working. If I don't stop, I'll probably subconsciously reveal some kind of embarrassing secret, except that I don't remember any of those, so I guess I can't do that, either.

I wonder why nobody else comes up here. It's very relaxing.
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[action, Ermis rooftop]
[Alright.  He can handle being trapped with them in a creepy old house.  He can get used to them showing up constantly in his nightmares.  He might even be able to forgive them taking over the city, if it came down to it.

But wrecking his ice cream diet?  Heck.  No.  It's time to kick some oni butt.

The skies of Sirocco grow dark as the self-proclaimed prodigy ascends the steps of the apartment building up to the roof.  There was a time and place for playing around (99% of his waking life).  And there was a time and place for some serious training.  None of that stupid swordy slashy stuff; real training the cool and awesome way.

Palom approaches his target practice helpless victim burlap sack stuffed with feathers (hopefully Hiroshi would never miss his pillow) and points his staff menacingly.]

Hah!  You think you're so cool, coming in here and beating up the helpless ice cream guy, huh?   Well think again!  You're facing me, now!  I'm the great Palom, magical prodigy of Mysidia!

[Electricity crackles in the air as he spins around a few times in a vague attempt to strike a pose.]

And you're going down!

[A powerful stroke of lightning lances through the skies, smashing into the burlap sack and sending it spiraling through the air, off the rooftop, and plummeting over the side.]

Oops.  [Palom rushes to the edge and sighs in relief as he notices that there's no one even remotely close by.]  Whew, that was clo -- Gaaaaaaah!  [To rectify this boring situation, the sack chooses to explode in a massive fireball the moment it strikes the ground.  Flaming feathers launch in every direction.]

Ohhh, no one looked out their windows just now and saw anything weird, right?  I mean, not that there was anything weird to see.  If you saw something like that looked like it was falling, it was probably just your imagination.  Haha!  Who would be dumb enough to throw things off the roof?

Anyway!  Not that there's anything to worry about, but I think someone might have set something on fire outside by accident - I mean, it definitely looks like an accident and it's not anything anyone should be punished for and now there might be a bush or two on fire or maybe it's a tree, I'm not sure.  I'm not saying it's going to spread inside, but I thought everyone should know!  You know, in case you smell smoke or you look inside your room and it's burning up or something.

So the point is, don't look outside.  Or go outside.  ...Or if you're already outside, don't come back to the apartment.  Unless you're burning to death, then you should probably go outside so you can roll around in the snow and ice.

............Oh yeah, ice!

[action, outside Ermis]
[Palom, the human ice machine, stands next to a cheerfully sizzling tree and drops a giant block of ice on top of it.  This is repeated several times until the smouldering tree is no longer a smouldering tree by virtue of having been crushed to a dozen smoking pieces.]

Sheesh.  Being a mage is so much trouble.  It's like everyone expects you to do all the work just 'cause you can bend reality by thinking about it hard enough.

[Palom squints a little bit at the firewood and points his staff.]  Break!  [Now there are a half dozen pieces of fossilized wood.]   Toad!  [Miniature frog statues!  Everyone loved miniature frog statues.  Palom dusts his hands off and congratulates himself on a job well done.]

They should really pay me.


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